Supernatural: Episode 4.6 "Yellow Fever" Recap (Page 1/4)
Supernatural: Episode 4.6 "Yellow Fever" Recap (Page 1/4)
Last week's episode of Supernatural contained old-school movie monsters, Dean in lederhosen and one great reference to Porky's II.  It also proved that Dracula is a really annoying customer if you work at a pizza place.  It was an extremely fun hour of television, but now it's time for the Winchesters to dabble in darkness once again.  Tonight's Supernatural, "Yellow Fever," finds Dean growing more and more frightened after picking up a nasty infection.  Dean's anxiety is rather hilarious at first, but soon he's in danger of ending up back in Hell.  We wouldn't want all of Castiel's hard work to go to waste, so let's hope Sam and Bobby can save the day.

This week's episode of Supernatural starts off with Dean running for his life from a tiny little dog with a pink bow on its head.  A Hell Hound it most certainly is not.  Forty-three hours earlier, the boys are investigating the death of a man named Frank, who appears to have died of fright.  They ask the coroner to do an autopsy on the supposedly healthy guy, but he finds no blockages in the arteries or other abnormalities.  The man died with scratches on his hands, but everything else looks normal.  The boys meet with the germ-phobic sheriff, who was on a softball team named The Gamecocks with the dead man.  Yes, The Gamecocks.  The jokes write themselves, don't they?

There are a few people who have gone from jittery to frightened to dead in just a few hours, so obviously something weird is going on in the town.  After leaving the morgue, Dean is starting to feel a little freaked out himself.  The brothers visit with Frank's friend, who tells them that the guy used to be a bit of a dick back in high school.  He shaped up after his wife died, but it's still possible someone wanted revenge.  Dean does some investigating and discovers that the woman killed herself while Frank was at work one day. 

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