'Supernatural' Recap: Trapped in TV Land (Page 4/5)
'Supernatural' Recap: Trapped in TV Land (Page 4/5)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After Sam's Herpexia commercial, it's back to where we started in the sitcom where we once again get to hear Dean's high-pitched "Son of a bitch."  Sam shows Dean's sexy research buddy out the door as they both start to think about how they might die in TV Land.  Finally, Cas shows up again, and he warns that this guy is way too powerful to be a Trickster.  Before Cas can expand on that point, he's thrown against the wall and gets tape over his mouth when the Trickster walks in.
The Trickster seems to recognize Cas before sending the angel back to another TV Land while Sam and Dean demand answers.  It turns out the Trickster doesn't just want the boys to play their roles in his game, he wants them to do it out in the real world too.  By that, he means the roles of Lucifer and Michael.

It's all about the big battle, and since Sam and Dean started this whole mess by releasing Lucifer, he just wants them to accept their roles and end everything already since it is their destiny.  The Trickster claims not to be on either side, he just wants it to be over.  He gets ticked off and snaps his fingers, sending the boys to their next destination: CSI.

The boys are in nice suits, wearing sunglasses at night as the crime scene investigators pour over a dead body.  Dean is furious because he HATES procedural cop shows.  God bless you, Dean Winchester.  They see one guy sucking on a lollipop, so they assume it's the Trickster.  Sam forms a plan to play along, so they walk slowly towards the body while a Who sound-alike plays (I guess the real music rights were too expensive).  The body has a roll of quarters in his mouth and a stab wound in his stomach, prompting a series of hilariously awful one-liners right out of the CSI franchise while the boys slowly take off their sunglasses and put them back on for dramatic effect.

Sam: Well I say, jackpot!
Dean: Well I say, no guts, no glory.
Sam: Get that guy a Tums.
Dean: Gutter ball.

I imagine in the first draft of this script, that scene went on for about 30 more one-liners, but Dean ends it by stabbing the lab tech with a wooden stake to kill the Trickster.  However, the real Trickster appears and laughs that they got the wrong guy, but just then, Sam comes up behind him and stabs him with another wooden stake.

Ding don, the Trickster is dead!  TV Land disappears and the boys realize they're still in the warehouse.  The boys go back to their motel, and while Dean washes up, Sam seems to vanish.  Dean gets worried and jumps in his Impala to find his brother when he hears Sam's voice.  Where is Sam, you ask?  He IS the Impala, and we see his voice represented by some modulating red lights inside the car.  "I don't think we killed the Trickster" Sampala says.

Yes, you guessed correctly: Knight Rider!  The classic theme songs kicks into action as Dean drives the Sampala down the road, complete with the red light going back and forth in the front bumper.  Dean and his car  debate why the stake didn't kill the Trickster, and Sampala suggests that it's not a Trickster after all.  Dean puts the pieces together and delivers his catch phrase (sadly not the high-pitched sitcom version).

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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