'Supernatural' Recap: Trapped in TV Land (Page 2/5)
'Supernatural' Recap: Trapped in TV Land (Page 2/5)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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After some quick research, they find out that the dead man had a violent temper, a bit like the Hulk, and murder site was strewn with candy wrappers.  Sam and Dean add 2+2 and get the Trickster.  Dean is eager to gank him because of the whole "Mystery Spot" thing, but Sam isn't so quick on the draw.  Sam wants to talk and possibly use the Trickster, since he is one of the most powerful creatures they've ever met.  I'm getting really excited about some weird, messed up Supernatural Justice League with Hunters, the Trickster and maybe a few other weird demonic beings working together to fight Lucifer.

Dean isn't as excited about allying themselves with a multiple murderer, so Sam agrees that if talking doesn't work, then they can kill him.  But first they have to find the Trickster, so they listen in to the police scanner and take off after hearing a strange call.  They arrive at the empty warehouse and see no cops, which is a bad sign.  They walk into the warehouse and then...they're transported into the elevator from Dr. Sexy M.D.  No duh, of course it was a Trickster trap!

Now it's time to wade into the world of our fake Grey's Anatomy, so let's just say it's created by a woman named Rhonda Shimes.  Sam and Dean are dressed as doctors while annoying chick music plays in the background.  They're confused, especially since two people are making out in the supply closet.  Of course they are.

A woman comes up to Sam and slaps him.  "Seriously?" she asks.  She calls him a brilliant coward then slaps him again and says "Seriously" again, just for good measure, before walking away.  That scene alone was better than the last two seasons of Grey's Anatomy combined.

Dean is able to figure out that she's Dr. Ellen Piccolo (oddly similar to the name of Grey's star Ellen Pompeo), the sexy doctor at Seattle Mercy Hospital.  It's a combo of the newly merged Seattle Grace and Mercy West on Grey's Anatomy, meaning the Supernatural writers must be closet fans.

Sam suggests that they're on Dr. Sexy M.D. because the Trickster trapped them in TV Land.  Dean dismisses it, but he's too busy ogling Dr. Wang, the sexy but arrogant heart surgeon.  He also sees Johnny Drake, a ghost who only exists in the mind of one of the neurotic doctors.  And boom goes the dynamite, since Papa Winchester Jeffrey Dean Morgan also played a ghost on Grey's Anatomy.  Sam correctly finds it stupid that this show has ghosts.  I'm sure even Grey's Anatomy fans agree with that one.

Dr. Sexy himself shows up, and Dean gets this weird smile on his face.  Someone has a big fat man crush.  That comes to a crashing halt when Dean realizes this isn't the real Dr. Sexy, because Dr. Sexy wears cowboy boots, not tennis shoes.  It's equally pathetic, hilarious and awesome that Dean would know that.  Dr. Sexy makes all the other people in the hospital freeze before morphing into the Trickster.

The Trickster is as fun and off-the-wall as always, but all Sam wants is to talk about teaming up.  The Trickster promises that if they survive 24 hours in his game, they'll talk.  However, he doesn't say exactly what the game is or how to play it.  Let the fun begin!

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