'Supernatural' Recap: Let's Make a Deal ... with a Demon (Page 3/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Sam, Dean, Crowley and Brady make it out alive, and after Brady gives them Pestilence's location, Crowley leaves and Dean salts Brady inside a room with Sam.  While everyone is so scared of angels and demons and gods and Lucifer, the people they should really be afraid of are Sam and Dean.

That's right, it's time for Winchester payback, and it's a bitch.  Brady tries to talk Sam down by playing on his fears that Sam listened to him and Ruby because he has demon blood in his veins and he's just like them.  Those head games may have worked a season or two ago, but not now, so Sam kills him.

While Sam and Dean run off to get Pestilence's ring, Crowley visits Bobby.  He offers a deal: he can find Death, the final Horseman, if Bobby gives him his soul.  Not being a natural born idjit, Bobby's response is to shoot the demon with his rock salt shotgun.

But Crowley is persistent, giving Bobby the hard sell and promising to give the soul back when he's done.  The episode ends before Bobby agrees, but it looks like he will.  So Bobby wants to give up his soul and Sam wants to say "Yes" to Lucifer and be trapped in the cage.  What about Dean's price for stopping Lucifer?

That will be next week, when Death shows up and Dean has a sit-down with him.  That can't end well.

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