'Supernatural' Recap: Let's Make a Deal ... with a Demon (Page 2/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Dean and Crowley get to Brady's headquarters and Dean is sent up as a pawn to get his butt kicked until Crowley can throw a bag over Brady's head and beat him down a few times, calling him "uncle."  I'm still not sure if all demons are actually related or if they just refer to each that way.  Then Crowley suggests not taking him back to Sam, but Dean does anyway.  The problem is that Brady is actually an old college friend of Sam's, the guy who introduced him to Jessica.

If you aren't familiar with the term retcon, it refers to retroactive continuity, when a TV show introduces something new that rewrites the history we thought we knew.  In this case, it's the fact that Sam's friend was working on orders from Azazel to kill Jessica.  So even though we always thought the Yellow-Eyed Demon actually killed Jessica, he didn't.

Crowley tries to get him to switch sides, but it fails because Brady knows that Lucifer will kill all demons, but that's better than being kept alive and tortured like Lucifer will do to Crowley for betraying him.  So Crowley goes off for Plan B while Sam locks his brother in the bathroom for some one-on-one time with Brady.  He almost breaks, but Sam is strong enough not to kill their only chance at finding the third Horseman.

Crowley returns with good news.  He found a hive of demons, killed all but one and told that one that he and Brady were lovers working together against Lucifer, damning Brady to an eternity of torture too.  Before Brady can switch sides, there are howls outside.  Howls from a Hell Hound, led back to their place by a magic coin the demon placed on Crowley. 

Once again, Crowley disappears, leaving the Winchesters to try and fight the Hell Hounds.  When it looks like they're done, Crowley returns with a surprise of his own.  He brought his pet, a much bigger Hell Hound, and sends him after the others.

What follows is one of the most surreal and awesome action sequences, because the Hell Hounds are fighting and attacking each other, but since they're all invisible, it's just furniture being destroyed accompanied by growling sounds.

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