'Supernatural' Recap: The Anti-Christ Isn't So Bad (Page 3/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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After leaving the mom, the boys call in Castiel, who confirms that Jesse is the actual Anti-Christ.  Except in the world of Supernatural, the Anti-Christ isn't the son of Lucifer, just a very important hell-spawn.  Sam and Dean aren't sure how to deal with this kind of evil, but Cas knows they have to kill him.

It's a very serious moment, but it's slightly marred by the fact that Cas sat on Dean's whoopee cushion.  I guess in an episode about the Anti-Christ, you need a farting angel.  The Winchesters have some moral issues around killing a little kid, but Cas assures them that Jesse will destroy all the angels with a single thought.

If the boys aren't willing to do it, Cas has no problems getting his hands dirty.  He goes to Jesse with a knife behind his back, promising not to hurt the little boy.  But Jesse is scared, so he uses his magical powers of thinking things into existence to turn Cas into a tiny little Cas action figure.  Supernatural could make a TON of money if they actually sold Castiel action figures.

Sam and Dean show up not to kill Jesse, but to talk him into helping them by feeding him a bogus story about going to a special X-Men school for superhero kids.  It almost works too, except Mommy Dearest, once again possessed by the demon, shows up to bring the kid over to the Dark Side.

The demon has strict orders not to damage Sam's pretty face, due to him being Lucifer's vessel and whatnot, but she flings Dean around the room like a rag doll for fun before telling Jesse that these boys are liars and he needs to come with her.

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