'Supernatural' Recap: The Anti-Christ Isn't So Bad (Page 2/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Across town, it's time for yet another strange thing to come true.  A man puts his daughter to bed and promises the Tooth Fairy will pay her a visit.  The little girl is smart enough to be freaked out by that, so she sneaks in and puts her tooth under her dad's pillow instead.  That night, he's visited by a fat, hairy man in a pink tutu with wings and a pair of pliers.  Parents, please take this episode as a lesson: do NOT lie to your kids.

At the hospital the next day, the Winchesters put this Tooth Fairy sighting together with the two previous incidents, plus some sick kids who combined Pop Rocks and Coke and a guy whose face froze in a silly position.  The conclusion: everything little kids believe in is coming true.  They settle on the fact that they're dealing with a God.  Or the Trickster.  Or a 9-year-old boy.  Or Dean.  It's odd how all of them are equally suspicious given this string of events.

Back at the motel, Sam determines there's a house at the center of all those events.  Unfortunately the motel is also in that radius, as Dean learned because he now has a hairy palm.  Eww, I guess someone was charming the white snake and that joy-buzzed ham wasn't the only meat he was enjoying.  At least we now know Dean's love of pornography is being put to good use.

The Winchesters investigate the house and meet a little boy named Jesse.  He's pretty snarky for a little boy, but Sam eventually learns that the boy believes in all the things that have been happening, and he even has a drawing of the Tooth Fairy that looks just like the guy who attacked the man.  Dean wants to put a theory to the test, so he shows off his joy buzzer and tells Jesse that it's a harmless toy.  Jesse believes him, so Dean touches Sam with the buzzer and...nothing happens.

Wow, I don't care if Dean is right, that was kind of a dick move, putting Sam's life in danger over a theory.  But now that they know Jesse is making this happen, they do research and learn he was adopted, so they check in on the mother.  She's on edge and throws salt on them, meaning she knows all about demons because she used to be possessed by one, for nine whole months.

Yes, this woman was possessed and gave birth to a child, despite being a virgin, so it looks like sweet little Jesse is just like Jesus, only the opposite.  Sort of an Anti-Christ, if you will.

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