Prison Break: Series Finale Recap (Page 1/5)
Prison Break: Series Finale Recap (Page 1/5)
This season on Prison Break, Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) have been on the search for Scylla, the one all encompassing Company document that they can use to secure their freedom. Lincoln got caught up trying to make a deal with the Company and ended up working for them. Michael and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) struck out on their own pitting brother against brother. Michael and Lincoln's mother, Christina comes into the picture but later reveals that Michael and Lincoln aren't related - Michael is her only son. Christina sets up a plan to assassinate the Prime Minister of India's son and blame Lincoln and the Chinese for the murder. Now that tensions between India and China are running high, Christina planned to play the two countries off of one another to get the highest price for Scylla and all it's military technology. Unfortunately for her, Michael and Lincoln steal the Scylla briefcase from her just before her plan was completely. Michael runs away with the case, the General and T-Bag (Robert Knepper) capture Sara while Christina captures Lincoln and both parties want Michael to turn over the briefcase. Who will he choose? The Love of his Life or Lincoln, his supposed brother and the man he's spent the last couple of years trying to save?

Michael tells Mahone that he's going to save them both. Mahone tells Michael to save them one at a time because Sara doesn't have a bullet in her chest like Lincoln does.

Lincoln tells Christina that Michael will never give it to her. Christina tells him to never underestimate how much Michael cares for him. Michael calls her up and tells her to meet him at the docks in 45 minutes.

The General taunts Sara with the question that probably haunts her daily: What if she had just left the infirmary door locked years ago? Sara also doesn't think Michael will return Scylla. The General tells her that Michael's heart will get the best of him. When Sara says she wishes Michael had killed the General that night, he asks T-Bag to get her out of his sight. T-Bag pulls out his pocket and asks Sara to take it. When she refuses, he says, "Either take my pocket or I take yours. Understand?"

Michael comes back to his base of operations with homemade explosives. Mahone tells Michael to give Christina what she wants. He thinks they can make a deal with her. Michael refuses.

Self wakes up in the emergency room. Agent Chris Franco and Wilson Wright come in to ask Self where Lincoln and Michael are. Agent Self tries to keep up his story that he's undercover. The agents start to torture him and so Self tells them he can find out where they are. Agent Self asks for an exemption in writing in exchange for the information.

Hybrid Escalade! Dang! Nice ride Mahone. Christina tells her associate to dump Lincoln off the dock when she has Scylla. Michael and Christina meet up on the dock. She asks for his forgiveness and understanding. Michael demands to see Lincoln. Once he sees Linc, he tries to lead her over a trip wire. She doesn't follow but her associate does. The police show up right when the homemade bomb kills Christina's man. Christina now knows Michael was trying to kill her. Or at least hurt her really badly.

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