Prison Break: Series Finale Recap (Page 2/5)
C-Note tracks down Sucre and asks him if he knows where Michael and Lincoln are. Sucre tells him he refuses to help the Feds. C-Note asks Sucre to call Michael and Lincoln and let them decide for themselves. C-Note says that the guy that wants the brothers isn't government. If they give up Michael and Lincoln, his guy will give them their freedom.

Christina tells Lincoln that Michael cares more about winning than he does for him. Then she lets it slip that Sara's pregnant. The Prime Minister calls and asks why he hasn't received the technology yet. Christina tells Lincoln that if Michael doesn't call in fifteen minutes, he's going to wish Michael had let him fry at Fox River.

The General calls Michael. Michael tells the General that he's being careful because the cops are everywhere. The General gives him one hour. T-Bag tells Sara that Michael's messing up every chance of freedom he ever had. She questions whether or not T-Bag will really be free when this is all over and he says that he'll be better than free: he'll be employed. Sara asks what job the General would trust T-Bag with. Really, the only thing he's getting after all this is a slit throat and an unmarked grave. She tells him the only chance he has at a life is to get out of there. Sara tries to bargain and tell T-Bag that she'll wipe his slate with Michael clean so that Michael will help him and his mother. T-Bag says that the slate will never be clean between him and Michael.

Michael calls Christina and she asks if the explosion was meant for her. He asks to speak to Lincoln. Lincoln tells Michael that there isn't enough time. He tells Michael that Sara's pregnant and that he needs to go to her. Lincoln wants to die knowing that he did something for Michael. When he hangs up, Mahone asks what the plan is and Michael says that he doesn't know. All he knows is that he has 43 minutes to get Scylla to the General. Michael asks Alex what side he's on and Mahone says he doesn't have a choice. Michael tells him to leave and go protect his wife.

Christina tells Lincoln that he's worthless to her. She knows she was a horrible mother. She takes off her shoe and stabs his wound with it. Christina tells Lincoln that his real mother was dumb as a doorknob. The Prime Minister calls Christina and tells her that he's leaving. She blames Lincoln for costing her three-quarters of a billion dollars and is about to kill him when Mahone calls. Alex tells her Michael's giving Scylla back to the General. He tells her he'll get her Scylla if she protects his wife. He also asks that she keep Lincoln alive. So if he brings her Scylla, she'll protect Mahone's family and give over Lincoln. How much double-crossing can we do in a season? Mahone goes to buy an identical briefcase.

T-Bag gets frisky and Sara demands that he stops messing with her. The General demands to meet Michael at a location of his choosing. He asks to met Michael in an abandoned parking lot by the beach and Michael agrees. Michael asks how he can trust that the General will let them live and the General gives a vague answer. Michael hangs up and tells Mahone, who's there with the fake briefcase, that he's happy Mahone's been there to "have his back." He hands Michael a case and Michael asks about Pam. Mahone says he has things taken care of. When the General hangs up, he yells at T-Bag when he starts to untie Sara. He informs T-Bag and Sara that the only thing Michael is getting today is a slow death. He then gives T-Bag permission to do whatever he wants with Sara.

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