Prison Break: Series Finale Recap (Page 3/5)
Mahone calls Christina and tells her that he's on his way. Her associate comes in and informs Christina that Agent Self has been offered immunity in exchange for his help. Meanwhile, Self calls Michael. Agent Self tries to get Michael to give up his location and Michael hangs up on him. A doctor comes in, asks to check with his patient and then tries to kill Don Self.

Michael "hides" the briefcase behind a pillar. When the General's men arrive, they grab and open the fake suitcase. Micheal, in the meantime is scaling the walls of the loft. The General knows something's up and races back to home base. Sara tries to convince T-Bag to let her go. He tells her it's about revenge now. She begs him but he just promises to return her in one piece. As T-Bag continues to taunt and ruff up Sara, the handle she's handcuffed to loosens. She tells him that she knows he has erectile dysfunction. The handle finally comes undone and she tries to hit him. She fails. Just as he's unbuttoning his pants, Michael hits him on the head, knocking him unconscious. He's about to hit T-Bag again, but Sara asks him not to.

Meanwhile, Mahone meets with Christina and offers up Scylla. He asks for proof that Pam is safe. Christina says that she has a man in place to protect his wife when need be and he refuses to trust her. She tells him she's not going to give him everything he wants before she's sure she'll get what she wants. So, he hands over Scylla. Michael and Sara arrive back at his base of operation and he pulls out Scylla, which means Mahone only has part of it. Christina demands to make sure it works first and locks up Mahone.

Michael explains that if his mother could read his every move, he had to put Mahone in the forefront because she cannot predict Mahone's motives. Michael knew the General would never bring Sara to the meet so he had to do what he had to do. She asks how big the explosion will be and he tells her it'll be big enough to end all this. Big enough that they can start something new, if that's okay with her. She joyfully agrees.

When Christina and her man go to test Scylla and it doesn't work, Christina instantly knows Michael's behind it. Michael and Sara talk about what their lives will be like once everything is over. They'll talk about movies, work, and nursery schools. He tells her that it's going to be great. Sara points out that all they have to do is survive. Mahone calls Michael right then and informs him that the detonator didn't go off. Christina grabs him and demands he get it to work. Mahone then beats up Christina and her man, sets off the detonator manually and then takes cover.

The General is less than happy with T-Bag and his failure. The General tells someone to "move on Panama." He's just about to kill T-Bag when Sara's phone rings. It's Sucre. He asks where Michael and Lincoln are but T-Bag tells him that Christina has captured them both. T-Bag then tells Sucre to meet him in an hour at a park on 72nd after Sucre informs him that he's with someone that can help. The General threatens to shoot T-Bag again and T-Bag tells him that he just set up a meeting with someone who will certainly draw Michael out of hiding.

T-Bag meets up with Sucre and demands he gives up the name of the person offering to help the brothers or else he'll kill him. Sucre is unimpressed and demands Sara's phone. Sucre and C-Note nab the phone and T-Bag.

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