Prison Break: Series Finale Recap (Page 4/5)
The agents come in to find Self, post-heart attack and the doctors trying to revive him. One of the agents reveals that Self was working with Mahone. They demand to know where Michael and Lincoln are.

Michael and Sara pick up Lincoln and Mahone. Michael looks upset that Christina might be dead. She's not. Lincoln tells Sara that they can't go to a hospital. Mahone, Sara, and Michael get back to the base of operations and Mahone asks Michael whom they should trust. Michael tells Mahone that they should destroy Scylla. Alex Mahone reluctantly agrees. Just then, Paul Kellerman calls Michael. Why does someone always call at the perfect moment? Paul explains that he was freed by the same company his father worked for. He tells Michael that there's a UN attache that will be in Miami at 5pm to receive Scylla from Michael. When he asks Kellerman how he knows they can trust him, Kellerman tells him that he just has to trust the United Nations. Michael hides Scylla in a cabinet then they all leave to go get supplies for Sara to help Lincoln.

C-Note and Sucre interrogate T-Bag. They try to get the General's location out of him. They even try to promise him immunity. The General's associate tells him to retreat but the General refuses. Just then, Lincoln's cell phone pings a tower and the Company runs off to find him.

Lincoln wonders whether or not they should trust Kellerman. If what he says is true, they'll walk away from all of this free men. He then tells Michael that they're not brothers and Michael says he doesn't believe it. Meanwhile, Sara and Mahone go into the hospital to steal supplies. Unfortunately, it's the same hospital the agents are at with Don. They recognize Alex when he creates a commotion to cover for Sara and they arrest him. Lincoln tells Michael that they have to go get him but Michael tells him that Alex can wait until they are all exonerated. Just then, the General's men show up.

C-Note and Sucre resort to torturing T-bag. Lincoln, Michael and Sara are brought back to the loft. The General puts Sophia on the television. They are going to slit her throat if they don't give up Scylla.  C-Note and Sucre bust in at the most opportune time. They shoot the two guards and then hold the General hostage. Lincoln wants Michael to kill the General and Sara pleads for him not to. Sucre convinces Michael to leave the General just as the cops show up.

They all pile into the Escalade and Sucre decides to create a roadblock. He asks for them to wait for him but after her blocks the road, the cops catch up and he screams for Michael to leave. Michael takes off and Sucre gets arrested. When they get back to the base, Michael leaves Kellerman a message telling he he better come through for them. Christina and her men show up shooting.

Alex Mahone tries to tell the federal agents about the Company. They won't listen to him. They just want the brothers. They start threatening Sucre the same way. Sucre refuses to call Michael and Lincoln. He gets hauled off and gives a knowing smile to Mahone.

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