Prison Break: Series Finale Recap (Page 5/5)
Christina sees the open cabinet and grabs Scylla. Michael holds her at gunpoint. She tells him that she knows he can't kill his own mother. She tells him to pull the trigger for Lincoln. He shoots but there's nothing left in the chamber. She raises her gun and says, "You were born a Scofield but you'll die a Burrows." Sara comes up from behind and shoots Christina in the back. Her gun goes off and hits Michael in the shoulder. She tells him that she's going to take Lincoln to the hospital and he says he'll take Scylla to Kellerman.
With his gunshot wound, he walks to meet Kellerman but is surrounded by agents. But whose agents? He gets led into a conference room and Kellerman shows up. Michael lists off all the names of the people Kellerman promised to exhonerate: Lincoln, Mahone, Sara, and Sucre. Kellerman reaches out for Scylla and Michael gives it to him. They test it and find out a piece is missing. Michael asks how they are supposed to get exonerated in some random office building. Kellerman tells him that if he doesn't have it, they have to start running for their lives. Michael says he doesn't want to run anymore and hands over the final piece. Kellerman's associate leaves with Scylla and Kellerman tells Michael that it's over.

Meanwhile, the General unlocks himself from the handcuffs just as Federal agents arrive to arrest him. In the boardroom, everyone's given their immunities. They are asked to sign the forms and then they can leave. Michael and Lincoln hug after signing. Sucre asks to keep the pen. Michael and Sara share a long hug. C-Note and Sucre share a long hug. The agents tell Mahone that Pam is safe. Sophia and LJ are safe as well. Kellerman asks if they should exonerate T-Bag. Michael and Lincoln go to meet Theodore. They tell him he's going back to prison.

Michael and Sara walk on the beach. He tells her that he'll be a hands-on dad. Like keeping her side of the bed warm when she goes to feed the baby in the middle of the night. They're going to be living in Chicago. She looks at him and tells him that she's happy. Just then, his nose starts bleeding. He wipes the blood away and tells her he loves her.

Four years later, Mahone mails a birthday card to Pam. He has a new wife or girlfriend. Lincoln and Sophia discuss LJ's finals. Sucre says goodbye to his daughter. Self has gone brain-dead and is in a care facility. C-Note is working as a UPS employee. Kellerman is a congressman. His old partner's wife spits in his face as he gets into a town car. The general is getting executed. T-bag is in prison still, running things in his own special way. Sara and her son, Michael Jr. go to visit Michael's grave where Sucre, Mahone and Lincoln are waiting for them. Michael Jr. lays flowers on Michael's headstone. Lincoln leaves an origami crane on top. Michael died November 4, 2005.

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- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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