Make Me A Supermodel 2: Episode 3 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel 2: Episode 3 Recap (Page 1/2)
Previously on Make Me A Supermodel, Jordan won the candy photo shoot, and Tabitha Coffey made over all the modelettes. Chris was sent home, and now there are only 14 wannabes left.

Early in the morning, the modelettes get a message that a bus will be picking them up in 45 minutes to take them to their photo shoot. Everyone is sending negative vibes directed toward CJ for how she behaved last week, resulting in Chris getting the boot.

A school bus picks them up in front of their loft. Gabriel is less than enthused at the thought of possibly sharing the camera's eye with a bunch of children because he hates kids. Just kidding, he only hates them a little bit. In reality, the school bus takes them to a football field where Tyson Beckford presides with whistle in mouth over a bunch of football players pushing those tackling dummy thingies across the field.

The theme of the photo shoot is about sports, and sports photographer Justin Steele introduces them to a big harness that will allow the modelettes to fly through the air for a very dynamic photo shoot. Sandhurst kind of offensively confessionals to the camera that he's got a whole bunch of kung fu moves ready for the camera.

Salome, Shawn and Mountaha are way out of their element because they don't have much experience with sports. During their shoot, Salome and Shawn have a hard time keeping their faces modelicious, and they even collide once or twice.

Kerryn, Amanda and Laury, wielding field hockey sticks, really rock their photos, especially Amanda, despite her silly purple plastic visor. Laury is so confident that she is expecting to win the go-see the next day.

Nicole Trunfio advises Karen that she's going to have to step up to separate herself from the middle of the pack, but I'd like to know when Nicole is going to start developing a personality. She is a beautiful model, but is as limp as a dead fish on camera. Karen , Sandhurst and Jordan pose together, and Sandhurst particularly does well, striking very balletic poses in mid-air.

Tyson Beckford coaches Gabriel briefly on how to give shape to his body for every pose he hits. CJ is annoyed by everyone talking shit about her behind her back, and to make matters worse, she doesn't perform very well in the photo shoot. Nicole reminds her that she needs energy and power, but the same could be said about Nicole's voice.

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