The NY Daily News published a story today in which a supposed American Idol “insider” – a female who works on the show – claims that the American Idol producers have already decided on who the final four contestants will be this season.  This female staffer claims the final four WILL BE Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds and Alexis Grace, and that the Idol producers really want Danny and Alexis to be the ultimate final two.  The article makes it appear as if this unnamed female employee of American Idol knows for a fact that the producers will manipulate the show to make those be the final four.  In reality, this is all a load of crap.  It’s not true, and gossip columnists should generally be ignored.

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There is no conspiracy going on with American Idol.  It’s the same as it always was.  To perpetrate such a massive conspiracy (in which America’s votes are actually meaningless) would require far too many FOX employees to keep their mouths shut.  No way something that big could ever remain a secret.  The final four of American Idol 8 has not been chosen, and either the female Idol employee is full of it or her words were distorted.  Or the person doesn’t even exist. 

A more plausible meaning to be gleaned from this is that perhaps the American Idol overlords merely want their final four to be Danny, Adam, Lil and Alexis.  What do each of these singers have in common?  They have, in succession, sang in the pimp spot (final song) in the only four home-voting performance shows of the season thus far.  This might be a coincidence or even the basis for the gossip column in the first place.  However, the producers showing a preference for certain singers does not mean a massive conspiracy is occurring. 

It’s somewhat troubling – I was tobogganing along the internet tubes this morning and found that a significant number of sites are taking this story at face value.  They want to believe in the American Idol conspiracy.  They want to believe that the most popular show in America is rigged.  Maybe the cynicism is to be expected – if the show could be rigged without anyone finding out, I suspect the American Idol producers would consider it.  Fortunately, it’d be near impossible to rig a show that plays on such a grand scale. 

Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace could very well be the final four on American Idol this season.  But, if they are, it’s because you voted for them.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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American Idol 8: Top 11 Power Rankings

Oscar Dahl

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