Lost - The Mini-Season Decoded Part One - A Tale of Two Cities
Lost - The Mini-Season Decoded Part One - A Tale of Two Cities
One: A Tale of Two Cities
Learned: The others live in a pastoral little neighborhood of yellow bungalows, complete with muffins, book clubs, cd players, and a gazebo. We get to see the plane crash from their perspective. The artist formerly known as Henry Gale is actually named Ben, and has now been dubbed 'Benry' by clever fans. Sawyer meets a young 'other' who is being held in an identical cage outside a mysterious building; he escapes and winds up being carted off by some other others. The cage features a series of levers that had to triggered in precise order to receive food. Kate was given a nice dress and brought to breakfast with Ben who informed her that the next couple of weeks were going to be pretty hard. Jack is stashed in a glass cage while a pretty blonde named Juliet tries to get him to eat. She reveals she has a file on him with information spanning every corner of his life. Flashback: Jack. We learned he has a hard time letting go. Illuminating, in a 'wow I thought I knew that already' kind of way. What do we know about the others: They live in a nice little village on the island.

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