That was a worthy end to Lost’s truncated Fall season. There’s no other way to say it. Exciting, tense, with cliffhangers galore. I know fans are now going to be in withdrawal for the next 13 weeks, but at least Lost left us on a high note. I mean, that episode was incredible. Jack was as proactive a protagonist as you could ask for in the episode, and I thoroughly enjoyed everything that had to do with Kate. Ben was as creepy and mysterious as ever and I still have no idea where Juliet stands.

Let’s ponder the main events of last night’s episode with another Lost Six-Pack:

Monica Gets Married

So, Kate got married to a policeman who thought her name was Monica. I’ve always been a fan of Kate’s flashbacks, especially the one where she blew up her father’s house. Although this story didn’t give the audience a whole lot of new information, I enjoyed it. I especially liked how her husband buying the plane tickets was what made her have to go back on the lam since she wouldn’t have been able to produce a valid passport.

Locke Directed By Eko’s Prayer Stick

Although this storyline didn’t get a lot of time in the episode, it sets up quite nicely for the rest of the season. What is Locke being guided to? Is he going to find Eye-Patch Guy? Is he going to find the other island? I love how Eko’s whooping stick came back into play one last time. The prospect of Locke and Sayid going on a mission together makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Kate and Sawyer Do the Naked Dance

Well, we knew it was going to happen sometime. Having Kate spend the episode in various states of undress was a nice perk, and the whole scene was played nicely. It was believable because of the circumstances (the amount of tension, Kate knowing that Sawyer might be killed).

Jack’s Heart is Broken

At first, when Kate and Sawyer hooked up, I didn’t think it was believable that The Others would allow it to occur, but when Ben manipulated the situation to make Jack see exactly what had occurred on the security camera, it all made sense. It was Ben’s last gasp effort to manipulate Jack into performing the surgery and it worked. But…

Ben Gets Played

…then it backfired for Ben. I thought Jack was going to straight-up kill Ben, but what Jack ended up doing, slicing Ben’s kidney sac, was ingenious. Jack suddenly had the upper hand. I’m surprised that Jack didn’t insist upon letting both Kate and Sawyer start running, but I suppose Jack might have been a tad perturbed with Sawyer.


Lost is cruel. We really have to wait three months to see what happens next? Will Kate make it back to the main island? Will Sawyer come with her? Will Jack finish the surgery? Will Jack let Ben die? If so, what will Juliet’s reaction be? What will Locke find on his journey?

Lost has set up incredible possibilities for the rest of the season, and I’ll be counting the days until the next new episode. Once we get there, it will be worth it. Sixteen brand-new episodes in a row? They can’t come soon enough.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV