Lost - The Mini-Season Decoded!
Lost - The Mini-Season Decoded!
They promised us a revealing look inside the Other's inner-sanctum! They promised us romance! They promised us unparalleled action and adventure! Did the LOST producers deliver on their promise? Or has LOST finally jumped the shark? We sent our intrepid LOST explorer, DocArzt, on an expedition to bring back the truth: did the LOST mini-season edify, or are fans as LOST as ever? Read on for comprehensive episode by episode analysis as only BuddyTV can deliver.
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LOST fans around the world are hyperventilating with the realization that after six episodes the series has gone back into hibernation for thirteen-weeks. Look at the bright side - that is a cool six weeks shorter than the last Hiatus, and that was a piece of cake, right? (NOT!) lost.s03e06.00.jpg Like it, or not, the schedule change truly was a love letter to the fans. Unless you have been living under a rock, I assume you know this new schedule was made to eliminate the repeats YOU complained about. But why give us six episodes then throw us back into purgatory? The alternative was to wait until January to start Season Three - that would have left malnourished LOST fans without new material for eight months. The producers instead, along with programming execs at ABC, decided a "mini-season" was in order. Creatively, it was an opportunity to try to create a smaller story arc that would, presumably, end with a finale-caliber episode. The feeling was, largely motivated by statements made by the producers, that this mini-season would explain the others. Well, it is over, and now fan reaction ranges from bliss to frustration. For some odd reason, LOST fans still believe that a LOST finale is going to reveal something, and not leave things hanging. With the notable exception of the season two finale, which showed us for the first time that the world is (presumably) alive and well outside the island, all LOST finales end the way the mini-season ended; with characters in peril. Yet, what about the promise of the Others? Were their secrets revealed? What was learned this "mini-season", where do we expect it to go? Venture forth to find out: To navigate just look for this links and click in order to find out what each episode of LOST did, or did not, reveal:

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