LOST Season Three Finale - Favorite Moments!
LOST Season Three Finale - Favorite Moments!
The great thing about the LOST season finale was the sheer number of 'oh my god' moments.  Fans seem to be polarized over the finale's revelation that the conundrum continues beyond rescue, but no one can argue that the LOST Season Three finale was pacing at its best, and that it had a plot overflowing with stunning reveals.  Here are a few of our favorite moments from the LOST Season Three finale.
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Favorite Moment #1 - That settles that!

Whether your a fan of the romantic aspects of LOST or not, this was one moment that settled a long running question:  is there going to be a Jack/Juliet relationship.   The answer, apparently, is yes, which is fantastic news for fans of the Kate/Sawyer hook-up.

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