Although the shows critics often highlight its murky approach to storytelling, LOST has defied the ‘Making it up as they go along’ accusations and provided reams of solid information on the islands mysteries.  Will LOST deliver even more answers tonight when it brings it’s third season to an explosive Finale?  That, unfortunately, is a question we can’t answer until tonight.  In the meantime, here are some of the things that we did learn in this third season of LOST.

Lost Season 3 Top Answers - Jacob Portrait

Who are the others?

Okay so it is not completely answered in the most finite terms, but we do know much more about “The Others” than we ever did prior to season three.  We know that they are lead by a former Dharma janitor named Ben who willingly participated in mass homicide including the killing of his Father, which he carried out himself!  We know that he came to commit this act after meeting the seemingly ageless Richard Alpert in the jungle.

The Others live in a bucolic little cluster of bungalows and have been trying to reproduce for quite some time.  For some reason, women die after becoming impregnated on the island.  Their interest in Claire surrounded researching her pregnancy.

How was Locke Paralyzed

This was a big one! Many viewers figured so much time had passed that the final resolution to this question couldn’t possibly live up to the hype, but it did! Locke was paralyzed when his father shoved him out of an eighth story window! Talk about father issues!

Not only was the story very rewarding, but it was capped with the revelation that Locke’s father, Anthony Cooper, had somehow come to the island! This was an excellent segue into another of LOST’s big reveals.

Who is the original ‘Sawyer’?

Our Sawyer, AKA James Ford, finally got to meet the man that swindled his mother and led to his parents’ murder/suicide. Essentially, it was the event that shaped Sawyer into the con-man he became. You could say the man responsible for that tragedy was, in a sense, Sawyer’s real father; the influence that shaped his being into manhood.

Some were surprised, others not so much so, to find out that Locke’s father Anthony Cooper was actually the original Sawyer! Moreover, how convenient that he happened to turn up on the island? Needless to say, the reunion between Sawyer and Cooper did not go well.

They’re all dead!

When the mysterious parachutist Naomi was found in the jungle by Hurley, Jin, Charlie, and Desmond, she brought with her disturbing news.  Oceanic Flight 815 had been found and there were no survivors.   But the question is now, can she be trusted?

The Second Island

The reveal of a second island was huge.  The island, which houses the Hydra facility, is located a few miles from the mainland and is used for zoological research.  There also seems to be something buried on the island that is of great interest to the Others.  Could this possibly be more ancient artifacts related to the four toed people?

We also discovered that the Hydra island was where the polar bears originally came from.  During their stay there, Sawyer and Kate were held in polar bear cages.  Jack was held in an aquarium used to observe dolphins and sharks.

Who was ‘Him?’

Information on the identity of the mysterious ‘him’ that the others seem to revere was fed slowly throughout the season, beginning with the mention of a mysterious ‘Jacob.’ It turned out later that Jacob was, indeed, the leader of the others but it would take a little while longer before we actually ‘saw’ him, and then it was for a mere moment.

Jacob, as it turns out, is more of a spectral being and speaks only to Ben. We find out later, however, that Ben has lost the ability to commune with Jacob, and it looks as if Locke may be fast becoming the anointed one.


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