'Lost' Recap: Desmond Violates the Rules (Page 1/2)
'Lost' Recap: Desmond Violates the Rules (Page 1/2)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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"Flashes Before Your Eyes" was the best episode of Lost season 3.  "The Constant" was the best episode of Lost season 4.  Those were both Desmond-centric episodes, and so is this installment of Lost, "Happily Ever After."  Needless to say, Desmond's return to the Island and the series carries a lot of expectations, so did Lost deliver?

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In a word, "Yes," but it's due almost entirely to a scene between Desmond and Eloise where we finally get a glimmer of an answer about the connection between the altverse and the original timeline.  So put your theorizing hats on, because Lost gets freaky.

The episode starts with Desmond waking up, confused, and he gets a rude awakening when Charles Widmore tells him that he's back on the Island.  Desmond wastes no time beating the old man with his IV stand until he's pulled off.  Widmore wants to start a "test," so Zoe and Jin head out to a special room full of old science stuff attached to a wooden room with two giant metal coils.  Since I don't have the IQ or physics background of Daniel Faraday, I won't even try to explain what this stuff is.

There's a faulty wire, preventing them from running a test on a poor defenseless bunny, but the problem is fixed as a random red shirt is standing between the two coils, turning him into a char-broiled dead dude.

Next, Widmore gets Desmond locked into a chair in the room and explains that Desmond has to do this or everyone he loves will be gone.  Before the machine is turned on, Widmore explains to Jin that the test is to see if Desmond can survive another electromagnetic cataclysmic event, like he did when the Hatch imploded.

With a flick of the switch, the coils turn on and the cataclysmic event begins.  The first time Desmond suffered this, he became unstuck in time.  I'll give you one guess what happens this time.

That's right, we're zapped into the altverse, where the majority of this episode takes place.  Sadly, Desmond's consciousness doesn't transfer.  He stares at his own reflection in the screen at the airport when Hurley stops by to tell him where their luggage is.  There Desmond meets Claire and predicts she's having a boy.

Finally, Desmond, who appears to be a successful businessman, finds his driver, none other than George Minkowski.  He's a little slimy, but he takes Desmond to the office of his boss: Charles Widmore.  Yes, in altverse, Desmond works for Widmore.

Widmore gives Desmond an assignment.  Widmore's son (Daniel Faraday) is a famous pianist and he's performing an odd mix of classic music with modern rock, in the form of the songs of Drive Shaft.  So Widmore's wife (Eloise Hawking) asks Desmond to babysit the recently arrested bassist of Drive Shaft (Charlie Pace) and bring him to the event.  That's a whole lot of threads coming together.

Desmond and Charlie get together and it turns out the washed-up rock star is longing for death because when he nearly died, he saw a glimpse of true, eternal happiness and love in the form of a blonde woman.  That would be Claire, and that would also mean that before you die, your altverse life doesn't flash before your eyes, your original life does.

To prove his point, Charlie steers their car into a bay of water and the two nearly drown.  When Desmond goes back for Charlie, the car window is between them and Charlie lifts his hand to the glass, giving Desmond a flash to the famous "Not Penny's Boat" scene.


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