Harold Perrineau Rejoins 'Lost'
Harold Perrineau Rejoins 'Lost'
The Television Critics Press Tour moved on to ABC this morning, and nervous Lost fans remaining glued to the web were initially shut out by ABC exec Stephen McPherson's refusal to make any announcements in advance of the crew's annual Comic Con appearance.  As the reporters in attendance continued to press, however, McPherson got passed a note and was given the go ahead to reveal one surprising bit of information.  Actor Harold Perrineau has officially rejoined the Lost cast for season four.

At first, this seems like easy information to process, but there are surely larger story implications at play.  For one thing, it has not even been concretely revealed when and where the fourth season will take place.

The production is scheduled to resume in Hawaii, so we can assume the familiar jungle local will be seen again, but does that have to be true?  Hawaii has stood in for virtually any location the production crew needs.

Assuming it does take place in the usual mysterious island settings, does Perrineau's return mean his character, Michael, will be returning to the island itself?  Were Michael and Walt captured by the people on Naomi's boat?  Will Michael be a spectral visitor, like his son?  Alternatively, will Perrineau only appear in the flash forward segments of the series?

Regardless of how Perrineau is integrated back into the cast, there is the question of what ramifications his actions of the second season will have on his interactions with his former castaways.  When they parted ways, Michael was a murderous turncoat, but a murderous turncoat who was forced to act for the protection of his son.  He could now face either understanding, or ridicule.

Of course with what Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) assures us is a great new danger approaching, there may not be much time to debate Michael's character failings.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
source:  TV Guide, Michael Ausiello
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