Top Ten Favorite Reality Shows
If any of our Top Ten Lists here at BuddyTV are self-explanatory, this is it. It also might anger people the most. People can be very protective about their favorite reality shows. My favorites are certainly not going to be your favorites and, as a result, you might finish this list and wonder I am so incompetent. But, it's only my opinion and I welcome yours. There is rhyme behind my reason and I've done some serious thinking about each and every placement on this list.
I'm interested to hear the lists of others on this subject. For instance, if you love American Idol, do you also love So You Think You Can Dance? Are there patterns to people's reality TV favorites? My only guideline for this list is: No Game Shows. While they may technically be reality shows, they're completely different (perhaps meriting their own list?). Click below to get started.
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