'Gossip Girl' Recap: Episode 2.24, "Valley Girls" (Page 1/3)
'Gossip Girl' Recap: Episode 2.24, "Valley Girls" (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight it's a "totally 80's flashback!" (The CW's words, not mine), and they make good on their promise right away: we open on young Lily. She's in LA, and calls her father Rick's office from a pay phone. She asks if he has time to catch up, but he needs to go to London. She looks at the documents in front her saying that she got expelled from private school, tells him where and when to meet her, and then hangs up. Flash forward to present Lily, who was reminiscing about this whole flashback in her car as she made her way to jail to bail out Serena.

Inside the police station, Blair, Chuck and Nate sit around and worry about Serena's fate. Blair is stressed, but the boys don't seem too concerned. Lily shows up, and Blair gives her the stink eye from across the hall.

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Over in Brooklyn, Dan and Jenny fill in Vanessa about Rufus's non-proposal to Lily. They decide that they will stay in during Prom and watch scary movies. Rufus walks in and tells them all that his investment money is gone and Lily had Serena arrested, but that the kids should just stay out of it and let it all go. He leaves.

We then get a montage of split-second 80's memories as Lily walks in and sees Serena in the... jail waiting room, is it? They fight about who gets to make the big girl decisions around here. "When I'm a mother I will be nothing like you," Serena says. "I would rather give my kids up for adoption than be like you. Oh wait, you did that." It turns out Serena is the one who sends Lily back in time with the massive flux-capacitor power of her ZINGS. CeCe walks in, because Serena used her one phone call on her. "Ironic, isn't it?" CeCe says. Well, not exactly, since her boyfriend is a thief and her mother put her in jail. But before anyone can explain what irony means to CeCe, it's time to go back in time again.

Rick meets Lily for lunch, and talks on his big fancy non-cell phone to reveal that he's an important a record executive. They recap Rhodes family history: family uprooted, ugly divorce, Dad moved to LA... and then young CeCe shows up. Rick called her, she told him that Lily got kicked out of school, and he asked her to come to LA because he hates to be "bad cop." (So she flew from NYC to LA in 2 hours to have lunch? Oh wait, no, she drove. Wait, what?) Anyway, Lily says she wants to live with Rick, but he says he's really busy with work, and she needs her mother. He also called her school and got her back in, but she doesn't want to go. She thinks her dad will forget about her if they don't live together. Rick reassures her this will never happen and then immediately gets up and leaves. Lily runs after him, and they recap some more family history: sister Carol moved to LA to pursue acting, but she's not so awesome at it. Rick gets his car, says he'll call when he gets back from London, and drives off. CeCe tells Lily to follow her back (to New York City?), but Lily gets in her car and drives in the opposite direction.

Back in the present: Eric and CeCe get back from a walk, and Lily angrily confronts her mother about telling Rufus about their lovechild. She tells CeCe the kid died (he didn't) and says she'd like to start healing with her own daughter, but--oops! --She's not home. She's still in jail. Serena calls Blair from jail and says she will stay in there until Lily lets her make her own big girl decisions. Then, because they're so adult, B and S talk about how super dreamy Prom is going to be. Too bad S will miss it because she's in jail. But Serena is making a stand, so she's cool with it. Dorota walks in and tells Blair good and bad news. Good news: she has a replacement Prom dress. Bad news: the dry cleaners ruined the first one. Blair opens the box and the new dress is just like the one from her scrapbook! ZOMG! She thinks it's from her dad in Paris.

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