THEN: Dean was grossed out by seeing Sam feed on demon blood, so he tricked him into Uncle Bobby’s panic room and locked him in for some detox.

NOW: There’s no typical Supernatural teaser as Sam is still stuck in the panic room.  He demands that Dean let him out, but  big brother refuses.  They revisit the same old debate about how Sam is doing this in order to become strong enough to kill Lilith.  Dean thinks he and Bobby can do it on their own.  Has Dean ever met Lilith?  If he has, he’d know that’s just not a possibility.

While detoxing, Sam is visited by four hallucinations.  The first is Alastair, who is just as creepy and funny as always, even in Sam’s delusion, cutting into the boy and making Sam scream out in pain.

Upstairs, Dean and Bobby enjoy some whiskey to drown out the pain of hearing Sam’s screams.  A fellow hunter named Rufus calls and Bobby tells him to “suck dirt.”  Uncle Bobby certainly has a way with words.  Rufus calls back to let Bobby know it’s serious.  Seals are being broken at an alarming rate, and Bobby isn’t so sure detoxing Sam is the right decision with the apocalypse coming fast.

Dean has some questions of his own, so he goes outside to scream for Castiel.  After a few hours, Cas shows up and Dean wants to know what happened when he got called back up to Heaven for an “:ass reaming.”  Cas can’t say, but he does believe that Dean is the one who will stop Lucifer, not Sam, so he has Dean accept Jesus Christ as his personal lord and savior.

Downstairs, Sam is visited by his second hallucination: himself.  It’s Young Sam, and he’s angry that his older self has abandoned their quest to be normal.  Things get ultra-creepy when Young Sam shows something dark inside by flashing some Yellow Eyes.

The third ghost is none other than Mama Winchester.  After Dean got the chance to hang out with their mom in “In the Beginning,” I’m happy Sam is getting the chance, even if it’s a hallucination.  Mama isn’t angry like the others, she’s just so proud of her baby boy for doing what needs to be done.  She thinks that Sam is more brave than Dean because he knows what’s best, even though there’s something evil inside of him.

When Bobby hears about Dean accepting God, he wonders why Dean “willingly signed up to be the angels’ bitch.”  Once again, Bobby comes through with the brilliant dialogue.  They worry when Sa’s screams stop and go down to investigate.  Sam is shivering and being thrown against the walls by some mysterious force, so they go in to lock him down.

This leads to Sam’s fourth and final hallucination: Dean.  Big brother isn’t loving and supportive, but angry and mean, calling Sam a monster.  Upstairs Dean tells a different story, because even though Bobby wants to stop this, Dean refuses to let his brother turn into a monster because he loves him way too much.  I urge all Supernatural fans to take these sweet moments while they can.

That night Sam’s chains are magically released and the door to the panic room opens.  This is not another hallucination, it’s Castiel.  Why would he do this?  Anna wants to know the same thing so she confronts him.  Cas really wishes she didn’t show up, because he was just following his orders to release Sam.

Anna doesn’t agree, so some other angels come down to bring her back to Heaven for a little “ass reaming” of her own.  It’s quite obvious that Castiel is really hating his new role as the personal bitch of his commanding angels.

Sam escapes but is stopped by Bobby.  Uncle Bobby begs Sam not to leave, even pointing a gun at him.  Sam is pretty certain Bobby won’t shoot, so Sam knocks out Bobby instead and flees the scene.

The next morning Dean finds Sam missing and thinks Ruby helped him, vowing to kill the bitch.  Bobby is oddly quiet on the subject of Sam’s mysterious escape, not mentioning his little run-in.

Sam goes on the run, trying to hide by doing the opposite of whatever he would normally do.  This involves booking a honeymoon suite so he and Ruby can get down to the business of drinking her blood.

Too bad for him Dean knows Sam well enough to kno that he’d do the opposite, so Dean is inable to infer that Sam stole a white Escalade with custom rims.  Sadly, we don’t get to see that scene, which probably would’ve been hilarious.

After their all night blood sucking session, Ruby spills the beans on what she knows.  The final Seal can only be broken by one specific person, Lucifer’s First.  The sotry goes that Lucifer fell from Heaven because he hated that God loved humans more than angels.  So Lucifer tempted a human and turned one into the first demon, which got him cast down to Hell.  It seems despite looking like a little girl most of the time, Lilith is the very first original demon.

Ruby is full of information today, also revealing that a member of Lilith’s entourage is in town, her personal chef.  In a disturbing twist, Lilith’s food of choice appears to be babies, as the chef possesses nurses who steal babies from the hospital.  She also tells Sam that in order for him to become powerful enough to defeat Lilith, he’ll need to drink so much demon blood that he will be permanently changed.

Dean finally tracks down Sam, but Bobby makes him promise that he’ll try to bring Sam back, not push him away even more.  To Dean, that means sneaking into the room and trying to kill Ruby.  Sam shows up to stop him and asks Dean to trust him.  Sam believes he knows what he’s doing and that he’s being practical.  Sam is strong enough to fight Lilith, but Dean isn’t.

Dean can’t stand one more minute of this, so he has no choice but to call Sam a monster because of what he’s done.  This triggers Sam, as the hallucination of Dean said the same thing, so Sam punches his brother in the face.  Uh oh, this time, there are no Sirens.

Sam is definitely looking a bit monstrous and when Dean looks up at his little brother, he sees the change so he rises and fights back.  That fight doesn’t last long because Sam is a lot stronger than Dean and he knocks him out in no time.  Sam gets up to leave and do things his way, but Dean says that if Sam walks out that door, the two of them are done.  Sam pauses, but walks out the door anyway.

And just like that, any hopes of the brothers coming back together seem to be lost.  Sam and Dean are done.  This could get very ugly.

Next week on the season finale of Supernatural: Sam battles Lilith, Dean tries to stop Lucifer his own way and Prophet Chuck returns.  I predict something even worse than Sam and Dean’s break-up will happen.

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