Monday’s night’s broadcast of How I Met Your Mother has certainly got a lot of fans talking about one thing: Is Stella the mother? Personally, I don’t think she’s the mother of Ted’s children even though she was the mystery woman in the “Right Place Right Time.” But there are those who are leaning towards the idea that she may be the one. We won’t know for sure until the end of the series but executive producer Carter Bays has given hints on why she brought back Sarah Chalke’s Stella and the future direction of How I Met Your Mother.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers!!!

Obviously, Carter Bays wouldn’t say whether Stella’s the mother or not but fans could somehow take a clue from the show’s “very careful wording of the narration.”

“Nothing’s a fake-out on this show. We established very early on that this is a very windy, twisty story, and the message of the show is there’s a ridiculous series of events that has to happen before this guy meets the woman he marries… I will say this about the next two episodes: Everything will be made clear and it will move the ball forward,” Bays told Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello.

Prior to “Right Place Right Time,” Stella was last seen in “Happily Ever After,” which aired last November and saw Ted finally getting closure from Stella after seeing her come home to Tony and her daughter Lucy. During her seven-episode arc, Stella was well-received by viewers but her recent comeback on the canvas has seemingly freaked out a lot of fans.

“It seems to be split 50/50; some people loved it but a lot of people really hated it. And I certainly don’t want to tell you that I like it when people hate my show, but knowing where the next two episodes go, I feel like those are both legitimate reactions and both what we were going for,” he said.

“We’ve never really kept a big secret from the audience. And what secrets we do have we usually tell people and there are usually spoilers floating around. And this kind of felt like, ‘Let’s try and do something that takes everyone by surprise and really blow people’s minds.’ And I think we did it,” he added.

So how does Stella figure into the Mother mystery?

“We’ll reveal why Ted running into her again is such huge moment. He already ran into her once before and didn’t do anything, but this one has more meaning and we’ll find out why next week,” he said.

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