'Glee' Recap: Rory the Lonely Leprechaun Comes to Town
'Glee' Recap: Rory the Lonely Leprechaun Comes to Town
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Faith and begorrah, Glee is back! After an interminably long break due to stupid baseball, McKinley High is once again in session. It's almost hard to remember the last time we saw New Directions, when Mercedes defected to Team Shelby and Rachel threw her hat into the presidential ring because she's the worst person in the world who refuses to let Kurt be happy (see: trying to steal Blaine in "Blame It on the Alcohol").

The return of Glee also brings a new face, Rory Flanagan, an Irish exchange student played by The Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty. So let's open up this box of Lucky Charms and see if it's magically delicious or terrifying like that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis.

Rory is a typical horny foreigner, the kind of guy who comes to America in hopes of living out the sexual fantasies promised by teen comedies (like Fez on That '70s Show or, my personal favorite, Colin Frissell from the movie Love Actually). He's living with Brittany and is desperate so "snog" her, so he's willing to go along with the fact that she thinks he's a magical leprechaun that only she can see.

He's also sad and lonely, so he befriends Finn. McGinty isn't the world's best actor (actually, he's kind of bad), but he's adorable and sings like an angel, plus he has an Irish accent, so it's OK. He also has a default smile that straddles the fine line between cute and creepy.

At the end of the day he fails to get into Brittany's pants because she realizes leprechauns aren't real, but he does make friends by joining New Directions with a great audition that everyone loves. Everyone except Kurt, who seems to view a cute kid with a good falsetto as a threat.

Girl Power

Mercedes wants Santana to join Shelby's all-girl group, and Santana is 100 percent on board after Blaine hogs the spotlight and proves that she won't be getting any solos in New Directions this season. But Santana won't leave without Brittany. The two have a fantastic date that continues to make their relationship the most interesting one on the show.

Brittany doesn't want to leave and be labeled a quitter, so Santana corners Rory and, after one of her best insult tirades ever, she gets him to tell Brittany that she wished Brittany would join Shelby's group. She's ready to fall, and when Finn tries to talk her out of it and calls her an "idiot," it seals the deal. Mercedes, Santana and Brittany join Sugar Motta and proceed to kick some major butt as the Troubletones, a terrible name for a great group.

Sue vs. Burt

Sue gets the town to call in to get the musical canceled, so New Directions has to raise money to put it on. Burt Hummel does all the fundraising by getting the town's funeral directors to pitch in, and it starts a great storyline where Burt and Sue clash. These two are kind of awesome together, so I don't mind the ridiculousness of Burt Hummel running for Congress as a write-in candidate.

Quinn Wants Her Baby Back

Quinn and Puck agree to babysit Beth in part one of Quinn's evil master plan to regain custody of her baby by planting bad things all over the apartment, like books about sacrificing babies and baby botox. She wants it because it's something to do, and referring to her baby as her one "perfect thing" isn't exactly maternal.

Puck still has his pool-cleaning business (remember that?) and when Shelby gets him a gig at her complex, he shows up to clean out the things Quinn planted and sing a sweet lullaby to Beth. Or maybe it was directed at Shelby, because there are some serious sparks flying between her and Puck, and the episode ends with the two of them kissing. I can't decide if it's romantic or just super creepy that she's hooking up with the teenage father of her adopted baby.

The Songs

"Bein' Green" (Sesame Street) by Rory: It seems appropriate that this was McGinty's first song on Glee since he's so gosh-darn adorable and innocent that a Sesame Street song is right up his alley. It's enough to make everyone instantly fall in love with him.

"Last Friday Night" (Katy Perry) by Blaine: Oh Blaine, is there any Katy Perry song you won't sing? As much as I want to act like Santana and resent the fact that Blaine gets more solos than anyone else these days, it's hard not to love his singing.

"Waiting for a Girl Like You" (Foreigner) by Puck: Is Puck the wussiest guy in the history of TV with a nohawk? Because as sweet as this song is, it doesn't fit his bad boy image.

"Candyman" (Christina Aguilera) by The Troubletones: Santana and Mercedes worked together back in season 2's "Duets" with a killer rendition of "River Deep - Mountain High" that, by all accounts, should've won them that competition. So I'm definitely on the Santcedes bandwagon, even if the Troubletones sounds like the worst possible name for a group on The Sing-Off.

"Take Care of Yourself" (Teddy Thompson) by Rory: McGinty gets two solos in his first episode, and his audition for New Directions highlights his falsetto. These were great, but I really hope Glee lets him do a Rat Pack song soon, because he's great at those.

Next week on Glee: Finnchel and Klaine do it for the first time. I'm sure the Parents Television Council is already furious over gay teen sex on TV, in spite of the fact that Glee already crushed that taboo with Brittany and Santana.

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