We left Terra Nova two weeks ago with a runaway kid with not the best of intentions, and our first real look at what makes the Sixers tick — although what Mira told Jim is still vague.

But we know Mira thinks she’s fighting for the good guys — that Taylor is, as that little girl said, the “bad guy” who has to be offed as soon as possible — and now that we know that, we’ve no choice but to see Taylor through those lens. I think tonight’s Terra Nova will do just that.

Tonight’s Terra Nova revolves around the colony’s first murder — and a crime like that brings back the policeman in Jim, and the soldier in Taylor. Cue a murder investigation, dinosaur-era style. How, exactly? The four sneak peeks should make things a bit clearer.

Clip one: it didn’t look like a murder in the first place!

Clip two: Jim thinks the death wasn’t an accident. He’s a cop. He’s gotta know that. TV cops always do, right?

Clip three: an argument in the Shannon household, as Lis yearns for a more merciful way, and Jim remembers his time in prison.

Finally, clip four: Commander Taylor is Judge Judy.

Surely the episode doesn’t end there, yes? There’s got to be more to that murder than just… that. Right?

All that, plus Skye trying to get Josh’s girlfriend back in time, and Zoe taking care of an unborn dinosaur, on Terra Nova, airing tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV