Exclusive Interview: Amber, from 'Big Brother 8' Part 2
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Exactly. And you said you don’t have any ill feelings toward anyone in the house, not even Dick and Daniele who made the final two? How do you feel about them now that you’re outside of the house?

Well in the house, me and Dick we were really close in the beginning, we had a really good relationship. And then it just kind of fell apart, same with me and Daniele, I knew once Nick got evicted, I know Daniele blamed Nick’s eviction on me, fine, that’s her opinion. I did not want Nick out, but again, I went with the group consensus. And I made my opinions about why I think Nick should stay, why I think he should go. If it was up to me, I would have voted to keep Nick and I should’ve. Like I said, I went with the group consensus, which was really stupid on my part. Nick was like a brother to me in the house, and after he left Daniele had a lot of resentment towards me. I don’t blame her, that’s fine, that’s her opinion of me or whatever. But I’m not mad at them, I don’t hate them, hate’s a strong word. Obviously I don’t plan on keeping in touch with them.

I’m glad they got back together, I’m glad they got reunited, I’m glad they were in the final two. Obviously there’s other people I would’ve wanted in the final two, but they played a good game, especially Dick. Even though he did slander a lot of people, he didn’t have good tactics. He chose to be mean, say mean things. He did what he had to do in the game for his daughter and I respect that, because I’m a mother who loves my daughter. He obviously worried more about her getting to the end than himself, so good for them, and I hope that they continue to keep their relationship after Big Brother’s over.

Speaking of daughters, I’m just wondering, what was the first thing that went through your head when you finally got to see and be with your daughter again after being away for so long?

I haven’t seen her yet, actually. I’m still here in California, I go home in a couple of days once everything’s over with. I’ve talked to her every day, like 10 times a day. Talk to her in the morning, on her way to school, the whole time she’s in the car. I talk her to sleep at night. It touches my heart. My daughter is my life, and I know on the show I did swear on my daughter’s life on two different occasions, once when I said I wouldn’t vote Eric out and once when I told Daniele I would not put her up if I got HoH and I kept my word on both because I swore on my daughter. I know that has held against me, people looked down on me for that, but I only did that because in the house, you can’t trust anybody, and everybody doubts everybody. I thought to myself, “I’m an honest person. I’ve maybe had few little lies in the house that appeared to be a lot bigger than they were.” And I swore on my daughter to prove to people, “Look, I’m telling you the truth.” My word is golden.” But obviously that’s not good enough, because everyone doubts everyone in this house. I just swore on my daughter, you know it’s the real deal. Twice I did that, I only did that on two separate occasions. I love my daughter, me and her are best friends. She’s so proud of me. She’s told me, “Mommy, I love you. I watch you everyday, you’re the best, you’re the best mommy, you have such a big heart.” Everything that she is, I am, and I’ve taught her to be the person she is as much as she’s taught me to be the person that I am. I cannot wait to go home and be with my daughter, and spend good quality time with her.

Finally, I just want to ask about, because you are leaving this game a thousand dollars richer thanks to your appearance on Power of 10, which was more than most people. What was that experience like for you, just getting out of the house and looking back on it and watching that? How did you enjoy that at the time?

Well when I played the veto competition and got to be chosen to be on Power of 10, I didn’t know what it was at first. It was a mystery trip. When I found out, I was really excited. Obviously my choice would’ve been Jameka to go with, but I went with Daniele, we had a good time. It was really nice to fly in a private jet, I’ve never done that before. I got to Power of 10, went through the whole process. Then me and Daniele had the elimination round. I felt really bad that she got eliminated, I wish we both could’ve tried to win, I wish we both could’ve seen our people that were there for us. But unfortunately under the circumstances, it was one or the other, and I made it onto the next round. When I made it onto the next round, and I saw my cousin was there, it made me cry, obviously. It was nice to get out of the house, it was nice to see someone, considering I hadn’t won HoH yet, just to see a fresh face like one of my family members there, that meant a lot to me, and it gave me a little boost of encouragement to try to keep forward in the game. Playing Power of 10 was really fun, it was such an experience, I love game shows any way. So that made it just all the more fun, it was nice meeting Drew Carey.

As far as the percentage, the process of getting to the point where I got to the money, when I got to $10,000 I was gonna stop and just felt like that’s enough, don’t be selfish. But at the same time it was like, lose $9,000 or go for $90,000, and I thought I’m gonna go for it for my family. And unfortunately I lost and I got eliminated. I still walked out of there with $1,000, that’s more than I had when I came in there, and I got to go on Power of 10 and have a good breath of fresh air out of the house and get my head clear a little bit and think about things. It was really nice, I was really appreciative and grateful that I was blessed enough to be able to be on Power of 10 and get ouf of the Big Brother house for a break.

Because the house is so confined, what was the experience of going out? Were you still herded and not allowed to have certain interactions, or did you like, sneak a look at a newspaper on a stand or anything?

No, we were blindfolded. We had headsets on turned all the way up, we were not allowed to talk to anyone. I couldn’t even talk to my cousin, I got to see her when she helped me through the process of elimination during the actual game. But when it came time to do anything, I was off, like whisked away in a room, in a private room. I saw nothing, I talked to nobody, it was very confidential. They were really good about keeping everything away from everything, it was really sequestered, the whole process. I didn’t get to sneak anything, I didn’t get to talk to anyone, it was all really thick security. Everything was really private, I had no clue what was going on at all. I had no clue people hated me like they did, and people thought things about me. I just I had no idea at all, until I actually got done with the show, and talked to my sister and stuff.

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