'Big Brother 11' Week 2 Nominations Recap (Page 3/3)
'Big Brother 11' Week 2 Nominations Recap (Page 3/3)
The people I like (aka, Jordan, Laura, Casey, Jeff and Michele) have fun mocking Jeff's Chicago accent.  Those are the only five people I would actually like to hang out with in the house.

On nomination day, the people I like make a futile attempt to convince Ronnie that the jocks are huge threats.  Ronnie's lies start when he tells Jessie and Natalie that the others want him to backdoor Russell.  Actually, the backdoor idea was Ronnie's, but I guess memory is unreliable when your head is up your ass.

In my pre-season predictions, I foresaw that Russell and Ronnie would become good friends, but it would just be Ronnie doing whatever Russell tells him because of his old high school inferiority complex about wanting to be a part of the cool kids.  That's exactly what's happening, as Ronnie thinks he's a part of the jock clique, but in reality, they talk about him behind his back every chance they get.

It almost makes me feel bad for Ronnie, that's he's just going to be strung along by the jocks until they don't need him anymore.  Almost.

The keys are removed one-by-one, and Ronnie ultimately reveals his true colors by nominating Jeff and Laura.  That throws a huge monkey wrench into Ronnie's plan to play both sides, because this move aligns himself squarely with one side, and he's not in the middle anymore.

To his credit, Ronnie does put everyone on edge by making Jordan and Casey his first two keys, making the jocks feel nervous.  That is quickly defeated by Ronnie's pathetic speech where he says that he's giving Laura and Jeff the opportunity to prove themselves in the PoV competition.

That's the stupidest thing anyone has said this season.  That's like telling someone you just fired that you're really giving them an opportunity to excel in other areas.

On Tuesday, found out who wins the PoV competition and whether it will be used again.  Or just go to this spoiler to find out now.

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