'Big Brother 11' Week 2 Nominations Recap (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Week 2 Nominations Recap (Page 2/3)
Casey, Jordan, Laura, Michele, Jeff and Ronnie hang out in the backyard and try to debate who betrayed their alliance.  Everyone knows its Ronnie, but Ronnie keeps denying it.  Once again, Ronnie thinks he's a super genius, but there is not a single person outside who is fooled by his really crappy acting.

And now we've entered the Hypocrisy Zone.  Big Brother always ends up here, but usually it takes a little bit longer.  This is the place where the dumb-ass HGs think they're great, but think everyone else who does the exact same thing is awful.

Examples include: Ronnie talking behind Laura's back about how she shouldn't talk behind his back.  Ronnie blaming Michele for betraying the alliance and then telling others not to blame him.  And Ronnie telling the truth to his jock alliance, but complaining when Laura does the same thing.

I can respect playing the game by lying and scheming, but Ronnie's delusional idiocy counteracts that.

Luxury Competition:
Two HGS will get to see an advanced screening of the new Katherine Heigl film The Ugly Truth.  If I wanted to watch commercials for really crappy romantic comedies, I wouldn't use my DVR to fast forward through them.

Dan, the winner from last season, is the special host.  Jessie doesn't care, but Kevin is turned on and wants Dan's phone number.  I'll second that.  There are some convoluted rules, but since it's all shameless product placement, who really cares?

The only funny things to come out of it are that Lydia and Kevin don't know anything about each other despite being alleged BFFs and that Jessie likes big butts.

What I care about is why Katherine Heigl is famous?  She's woefully overrated on Grey's Anatomy, and the only time she's had a successful movie is when it was written by Judd Apatow, and that had nothing to do with her.  She is certainly no Julia Roberts, so hopefully once this piece of garbage fails, Heigl will stop making bad movies.

Anyway, Casey and  Chima win the movie, which is upsetting to Casey because Chima is a stuck-up bitch.  They also have to pick which clique are the Have-Nots, and Casey wants to penalize the jocks since they were safe last week, but Chima wants to target the popular kids because she's a bitch.

Chima threatens to get Casey evicted if he goes against her, so he relents and the popular kids are taking cold showers and eating slop.  Ugh, Chima is exactly what happens when those girls from My Super Sweet 16 grow up, and it makes me vomit in my mouth to see her get her way.

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