'Big Brother 11' Week 1 Nominations Recap (Page 3/3)
'Big Brother 11' Week 1 Nominations Recap (Page 3/3)
The ladies have a bikini contest and Jessie says he's not buying Laura's great big giant boobies.  The ladies are all trying to butter Jessie up, and Lydia does it literally by giving him a deep-tissue massage.

Big Brother 11 Nomination Time!

Russell, Jessie and Natalie meet up to debate nominees.  Where is Jeff?  He is noticeably absent in this episode, especially from the Jock meetings.  Although since the game is designed so that, if you win HoH, your whole clique is safe, Jeff probably realizes that he doesn't need to suck up to his team because they would be idiots to turn against him.  The only problem with that strategy is that Jessie, Russell and Natalie probably are idiots.

One of the Nerds is going up as a pawn, and the other one is either Lydia or Laura.  The guys thinks Lydia is playing the game better, but they clearly don't understand that actually playing the game in the beginning is the opposite of playing the game.  Laura hiding in the background and acting like a big-breasted dumb-dumb is actually a better bit of gameplay this early.

Finally, it's the most boring five minutes in TV.  A person pulls a key out of a box, reads a name, and spins the Lazy Susan so the next person can pull a key, read a name and spin the table.  They pull, read and spin seven times, because at least the other Jocks get their keys automatically.

The nominees are...LYDIA AND CHIMA.

Lydia is too smart and Chima is too much of a diva.  If being smarter than Jessie is cause for being nominated, then I'm surprised the goldfish in his HoH room wasn't nominated.

On Tuesday, find out who wins the Power of Veto and whether it will be used.  Or check out our spoiler to learn the results right now.

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