'Big Brother 11' Week 1 Nominations Recap (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Week 1 Nominations Recap (Page 2/3)
Molly and Ducky (aka Lydia and Kevin) hang out on the hammock and discuss high school and judging people based on their appearances.  They think they can bond with Jessie because he's also judged based on his appearance as a big meathead.  The difference is that Jessie really is that stupid, as last season proved.  Actually, I suspect Kevin might really be what he looks like too.

How does Jessie get along with his clique?  As expected, he and Russell think they can team up and dominate the game.  Jessie and Natalie have a mini blow-up over a game of chess which ends with Jessie seeing a lot of himself in Natalie.  Or maybe he'd like to.

Jessie, Natalie, Ronnie and Chima meet up to propose the classic Pawn Theory.  Ronnie is at least smart enough to know that being the pawn is the dumbest idea ever, so he tries to throw Michele into that place.  After 10 seasons, why the hell is this Pawn Theory still in play when it never works.  The only time it was a decent idea was with Nakomis' Six-Finger Plan, which to this day remains, in my mind, the single greatest strategy in Big Brother history.

Have and Have-Not Competition:

There are no food competitions, because this season it's about being a part of the In Crowd where you get perks and the Out Crowd where you must suffer.  As the winning clique, the Athletes are automatically safe.

The backyard is designed like a rave, and the cliques must arrange a series of pipes to get the Rave Juice from one side to another so they can live in ecstasy.  I guess the competition designers for this season are a bunch of drug addicts.

The Off Beats rock it thanks to Casey's fifth grade teaching ability.  Ronnie takes the lead for the Nerds and screws it up as much as he can.  This dork gives us real nerds a bad name.  Despite not understanding the term "180 degrees," Jordan and her team finish in second, leaving the Nerds in the Out Crowd.

Being a Have-Not means the Nerds are eating Slop, only taking cold showers, and sleeping in the most uncomfortable room for the whole week.  Their room is very minimalist, and I'm pretty sure it would be a luxury apartment in Norway.  Chima freaks out and whines like she's a diva princess.

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