'Big Brother 11' Recap: The First Person Evicted Is... (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: The First Person Evicted Is... (Page 2/3)
To defend herself, Jordan plots a strategy to keep Braden in the house by getting Ronnie, Michele and Casey to join her, Laura and Jeff.  They talk to Ronnie and I finally figured something out.  Ronnie is the spitting image of chef and molecular gastronomist Wylie Dufresne!  Check out the proof.  That's been bugging me for about two weeks now.

It's time for the best and most awkward thing ever, with the Chenster chatting with the HGs.  Russell acts like his idiotic blow-ups are him being real and not actively trying to stir up trouble.  Jeff has nothing to say, which proves he wants Russell evicted as soon as possible.

Julie and Jessie have a private talk, and Jessie starts off by laughing at what I think was a joke he made, but it really wasn't.  Julie asks who the brains of the Jock Alliance is, and you can tell Chenny is cackling on the inside at the absurdity of her question.

Big Brother 11 Week 1 Eviction Vote:

Holy crap, Chima uses her final speech to call Braden out for his racist and sexist remarks by repeating them, though they're bleeped out.  She says anyone who votes to keep Braden is a racist and that George Bush doesn't care about black people.  She doesn't actually say that last part, but that's how awesome it is.  For the first time in Big Brother history, a nominee's speech is actually interesting.

Russell votes to evict...BRADEN.
Natalie votes to evict...BRADEN.
Jeff votes to evict...CHIMA.
Jordan votes to evict...CHIMA.
Kevin votes to evict...BRADEN.
Laura votes to evict...CHIMA.
Lydia votes to evict...BRADEN.
Michele votes to evict...CHIMA.
Casey votes to evict...CHIMA.
Ronnie votes to evict...BRADEN.


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