'Big Brother 11' Recap: Make Like a Banana and Split (Page 3/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: Make Like a Banana and Split (Page 3/3)
Michele goes upstairs to chat with Jessie about who should replace her, and when Jessie tells her that not a lot of people want Ronnie gone, she suspects that they're working together.  Jessie also tells her that he's happy the one person he had in mind didn't win PoV, and since Michele is smart, she deduces that Jessie is targeting Casey.

But there's nothing she can do with that information, but there is something Lydia and Kevin can do.  Since he's in their clique and they finally wake up to the fact that the jocks are steamrolling this whole game, they consider the possibility of voting to save Casey.  For once in this game, Lydia says something smart, namely that she's sick and tired of certain people (cough::Natalie::cough) feeling 100 percent safe every single week.

They tell Jordan, who tells Jeff, and proving that he's as smart as Laura, Jeff says that if they don't get rid of Ronnie, they're all a bunch of idiots.  Jeff tells Casey about this, and since waiting won't solve anything, Casey goes upstairs to confront Jessie about this nonsense.

What follows is the most serious conversation ever had between a bodybuilder and a man in a Banana Suit.  Casey tells Jessie that he's not coming after him, but Jessie thinks he's being coy by not actually saying that he's backdooring Ronnie.

This is all so tragic because there's nothing anyone can do.  It's like watching a car speeding into a baby carriage in slow motion, and there's nothing anyone can do but watch the inevitable unfold.  Everyone in the house knows that Jessie is going to backdoor Casey, but he's not saying it, and worst of all is the fact that Jessie and his dumb little gang of goons think they're being so clever.

At the Power of Veto meeting, Michele takes herself off the block, and as a surprise to absolutely no one, Casey is the replacement nominee.  Also as expected, Ronnie acts like he dodged a bullet and Jessie acts like he's the untouchable king of everything.  Yeah, when your alliance wins HoH every single week, it's easy to think you're some type of genius.

To paraphrase Biff from Back to the Future, it's time for Casey to make like a banana and get out of here.

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