'Big Brother 11' Recap: Make Like a Banana and Split (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: Make Like a Banana and Split (Page 2/3)
The nominees and HoH pick players for the PoV competition.  Michele picks Casey, and Jessie is upset that Casey got lucky with a 1-in-10 shot.  Later in bed he corrects that to a 1-in-6 chance.  Um, since Jordan already chose Jeff, and assuming there is only one HG's Choice, that would actually be a 1-in-8 chance.  Either I'm a hardcore math nerd, or Jessie is a big dumb meathead who can't do simple arithmetic.  Or, more likely, both are true.

Power of Veto Competition!

The six players (Jessie, Michele, Jordan, Jeff, Casey and Chima) put on pink jumpsuits and the backyard is a pig sty, literally.  Jordan is excited because she loves getting dirty and wants to wrestle in the mud.  Ratings would totally go up if her wishes were granted.  Once again, it would take a rocket scientist to figure out the rules of this competition, but basically, the HGs need to collect truffles worth different points.

Everyone gets dirty, except Princess Chima, who abhors filth.  I want so badly to slap her.  After five minutes of pig noises, yet another rule comes into play where HGs can draw an envelope and get either more points, less points, or a special surprise.

-Jessie wins $2,500 and scores 31 points thanks to a plus 5.

-Jordan scores 24.

-Jeff scores 22 points thanks to a minus 5.

-Chima scores 25 points.

-Casey wins a Margarita Party for the house and scores 22 points.  His envelope is a Banana Suit he must wear for a week.

-Michele scores 35 points thanks to a plus 7.  She wins the Power of Veto!

So let's spell this out for the thinking-impaired.  Casey got hugged by Ronnie, he has to wear a Banana Suit for a week, and he gave everyone in the house a free Margarita Party.  So if Jessie actually backdoors him, then Casey is having the worst week ever and Jessie Iscariot is the world's biggest a-hole ever for crapping on a guy down on his luck who just wants to give everyone a fun time.

Et tu, Jessie?

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