'Big Brother 11' Recap: Jessie's So Excited, I'm So Scared (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: Jessie's So Excited, I'm So Scared (Page 2/3)
After turning down Ronnie's fake apology, Michele goes to the HoH room to bow before the king and queen.  She doesn't say much, and Natalie asks that if Michele doesn't go home this week, would she agree not to put either her or Jessie up.  That's about the dumbest thing anyone has ever said.  So if they target her and she somehow doesn't go or wins PoV, she should agree to save the people who went after her?  Only someone as stupid as Jessie would agree to that, and when Michele doesn't, Jessie is suspicious of her.

And this is the primary reason I could never be an HG on Big Brother.  I have a healthy respect for logic and reason, and the only people I openly discriminate against are dumb people.  I have no problem with lying, but I could not stomach stupidity to the degree that's necessary to succeed on this show.
It's time for another "Jordan is an Idiot" montage of her eating slop, taking cold showers, and shaving her legs outside.  This leads to another Have and Have Not Competition.  Jessie, sporting the worst southern accent ever, is safe, as are the athletes.  Each of the other cliques must pick one player, so Jordan, Chima and Kevin compete in a backyard NASCAR challenge.

The challenge is far too complicated, as always, and Jessie's awful accent is just hurting my head even more.  What we have here is a failure to communicate.  Kevin decides to target the brains because he wants to punish Ronnie and he also thinks Ronnie needs to lose weight anyway.  That's probably the cattiest thing Kevin has said yet, and it's almost enough to make me like him for a second, because Ronnie is disturbingly large around the middle for someone who looks skinny.

God, this challenge lasts forever, and Jessie and his dumb-ass country-fried accent will not shut up.  The brains lose, so in addition to slop, they also get to eat America's Choice food: cabbage and cocktail wienies.  Ronnie is jazzed about wienies (I guess you really are what you eat), and Chima is furious that she's in a clique with dorks.  Chima is a pathetic diva, and it sounds like she was under the impression America could've voted to feed her prime rib and caviar.

There's another food-related America's Vote this week, so next week, the Have Nots will get to eat one of the following:
Squash and Squid
Brussels Sprouts and Borscht
Liverwurst and Black Licorice

Hold on, why isn't Coq Au Vin and Saffron Risotto an option?  Chima will not be pleased.

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