'Big Brother 11' Premiere Recap: Clique, Clique, Boom! (Page 3/4)
'Big Brother 11' Premiere Recap: Clique, Clique, Boom! (Page 3/4)
First HoH Competition:
The HGs put on giant underwear and hold onto a toilet seat for the Wedgie competition, but none of them will actually be the HoH.  Oh great, an endurance competition.  I guess the producers didn't realize that dividing them into cliques means one group will have a guaranteed advantage in each competition, as the jocks are certainly stronger than any other clique.

So who will be the first HoH?  Well, it will be a former HG who represents whatever clique wins the competition.  That former HG will be the first HoH.  The past HGs are:

- Cowboy from Big Brother 5, who is every bit as annoying as I remember.  Thank God the Off Beats have no chance of winning.

-Jessica from Big Brother 8, the giggly girlfriend of America's Player.  Sadly, this is my favorite of the four potential returning HGs.

-Brian from Big Brother 10, the guy who was eliminated first.  Hey, Chen promised we'd remember all these people, and no one cares about the guy eliminated first last season.

-Jessie from Big Brother 10, the bodybuilder/possible homosexual himbo.  One quick vignette makes me hate him all over again.

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