Battlestar Galactica: Episode 4.14 "Blood on the Scales" Recap (Page 1/3)
Battlestar Galactica: Episode 4.14 "Blood on the Scales"  Recap (Page 1/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Gaeta and Zarek masterminded a mutiny that forced Admiral Adama out of power.  Adama and Tigh stayed behind to fight off the revolutionaries, as did Tyrol, Lee and Starbuck.  Baltar and Roslin fled to the Cylon Basestar for refuge.

Adama and Tigh are captured by the revolutionaries. Roslin’s Raptor is targeted, but Viper pilot and new dad Hot Dog refuses to fire on Gaeta’s order, but Narcho has no such problems, swooping in to fire, but Athena evades it allowing the Raptor to dock with the Cylon Basestar.

Aboard the Basestar, the Cylons are confused and their rage is furthered by Baltar's statements that Roslin and Adama have lost all control of the fleet. Roslin (Mary McDonnell) orders the Cylons to stay and give Adama time to come up with a plan.

Tigh (Michael Hogan) is sent to the brig with the other Cylon prisoners while Adama (Edward James Olmos) is brought to the CIC where Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) tells him to call Roslin and order her to surrender. He refuses and takes off his admiral medals, giving them to Gaeta. That one-legged traitor would make the absolute worst admiral ever.

Proving what a colossal douche bag he is, Vice President Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) cracks jokes while boarding the Galactica. He;s there to oversee the trial that Gaeta wants Adama to have before executing him. Ar gunpoint, our favorite lawyer Romo Lampkin is brought in to defend Adama on the charge of treason, among other things. That's not such a good idea, since Romo has a pretty good track record when it comes to defending treasonous leaders.

Making this a total farce, Gatea will prosecute and Zarek will be the judge. Even more hilariously, Gaeta is named the commander of the fleet. This is the final straw for the Quorum, who refuse to go along with letting a one-legged communications officer fun the military. So Zarek has them killed.

Seriously, he sends his men in to shoot the entire Quorum. Gaeta is highly disturbed by this murder and now he's no longer on board with this plan. Zarek still thinks the only truth is told by those left standing, so they have no choice but to kill Adama.

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