American Idol's Top 12 Recap: Girls, Girls, Girls! (Page 2/3)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Lilly Scott

"Fixing A Hole" by The Beatles

Lilly is the first girl to use an acoustic guitar, as allowed by the rules this week. No reason to lie, that gets instant extra points from me. That means (if she does it well) Lilly isn't just a singer, she's a musician. I have a thing for musicians. And for  Lilly it would seem.

Lilly does another jazzy phrased revamp of a classic and shows off those distinctive vocal quirks I love so much. They also definitely make her this years' acquired taste contestant, otherwise known as the Megan Joy award. For me, Lilly was the first girl who took a song and made it her own and I love her for that. I'll be ordering it from iTunes tonight.

Simon Says:

"Definitely the best we've had so far. I'm still not feeling much star power from you." Kara, Randy and Ellen were absolutely crazy for her distinctive, memorable vocals. Randy goes so far to say,
"I love that you're a real indie artist, which I don't think we've ever had."

Snap Judgment:


Katelyn Epperly

"Oh Darling" by The Beatles

Katelyn does a bluesy boudoir version of "Oh Darling," with the strongest vocals we've heard all night. She sounds like Duffy and the other British "new soul" singers. There aren't too many vocal runs and the tone is what's big about her voice, not the volume. It's kind of crappy for both her and Lilly to be placed back-to-back with Beatles tunes, though. It's as if Idol is saying, "these girls are interchangeable: choose one." And that would be a shame, because I really loved what we just heard from Katelyn, my favorite performance from her yet.

Simon Says:

Well, Kara actually. "You've been singing your whole life? You know your voice very very well. You know exactly what you're doing up there." Kara clearly loved everything about Katelyn, except her make up. 

Snap Judgment:

Surprisingly Safe

Haeley Vaughn

"I Wanna to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles

Three Beatles songs in a row? I'm a Beatles fan, but youch. Haeley completely rewrites "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to a musically unrecognizable slow rocker, which I'm not sure I'm keen on. Arrangement aside, Haeley finally showed a bit of the bubbly charm that we saw in her first audition and finally reminded me why I liked her in the first place. Sadly, it has nothing to do with her voice, which I still find grating at best. She struggles with flat notes, but is engaging as all get out. Her personality and likability may get her through tonight, but not a whole lot further.

Simons Says:

"If I'm being honest, it was verging on terrible." Ah, the classic Simon is back. I've missed you. Randy agrees that Haeley's voice is kind of full of flat-note nightmares, "When you hit those high notes, they're not pleasing."

Snap Judgment:

Shaky (she'd be packing her bags if she wasn't pre-show pimped)

Lacey Brown

"Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

One of my favorite songs ever, so I'll either be pre-ordering this tonight or cursing Lacey's name. Lacey has some tempo issues and is doing too much interchanging between her full-throated big voice and sultry whisper. Annoyingly so. Like, you'd have to keep changing the volume if you were listening on your head phones. Truthfully though, you might as well mute it all together for all the pitchiness.I like Lacey and her voice when she uses it well, so I don't hate her for it, but I definitely won't be buying the song.

Simon Says:

"After 15 seconds I was working out how much longer there was in the song. And I thought it was indulgent." Everyone agrees, even Ellen who's been almost universally positive so far tonight.

Snap Judgment:

She should be packing her bags. (Though I'm hoping she doesn't have to use them.)

We're more than halfway through tonight, who is everyone's favorite? Least favorite?

Michelle Delamor

"Falling" by Alicia Keys

Oh no. Michelle is the first girl to go expressly against my song choice advice, covering Alicia Keys and making herself easily mistaken with Ashley Rodriguez. However, at least they'll mistake her for the Ashley Rodriguez who can sing (and not the one we saw tonight), because Michelle was sultry smokey fire on stage. She didn't vary much from Alicia Keys song structure, but she did add some tasteful vocal runs and character in her tone. After Ashley's  flub of Leona Lewis at the start of the show Michelle Delamor may very well be the new Ashley Rodriguez.

Simon Says:

"You're a very, very professional singer. There wasn't one moment in the performance where I thought wow." Ellen loved it, but Kara thought there were spots where it was not great and lacked believability.

Snap Judgment:


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