The third round of qualifiers for World of Dance finds all of the dancers getting through to the next round and the judges’ decisions getting more serious with each performance. As always, Jennifer Lopez is all heart and encouragement, while Jenna Dewan Tatum keeps the energy hot and exciting as the host. Here’s what happens during week three of World of Dance.

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Jabbawockeez (Score: 86.7)

Although it seems unfair to pit a world-renowned group with as much success as the Jabbowockeez (who won America’s Best Dance Crew season 1 and competed on America’s Got Talent season 2) against amateurs, I respect their game. They have every single other contestant frozen in dread, knowing that they probably wouldn’t stack up against a group who had their own Vegas show. 

Unsurprisingly, they deliver. Although Derek Hough is disappointed by the emphasis on their groove over the isolation, Jennifer Lopez loves how mellow their routine is. When Jennifer asks them why they’d slum it on a TV dance competition, they claim they’re just trying to hone their craft because they haven’t “stopped growing.” My instinct tells me they just want to regain some relevance. Besides, World of Dance has to add a little conflict to a show on which (almost) nobody gets humiliated or leaves in tears.

The Mihacevich Sisters (Score: 87)

I don’t want to like these squeaky clean sisters with their neutral leotards and tight blonde braids, but they win me over. I just can’t look away from their fluid, contemporary routine. And they win the judges over too. Jennifer is so moved that you can see her grab onto the other judges in amazement. These three sisters are totally in sync, and although I don’t know if I love Derek’s analogy to “wringing out a towel,” he’s definitely right about the tension in their routine. Whatever they’re doing, they do something right because they score higher than the Jabbawockeez. That’s a solid performance.

Swing Latinos (Score: 89.3)

This group is big in number, and they are so bedazzled that they look like a red, glittery streak of lightning. Dancing a little-known style of salsa called Cali-style, they are so quick on their feet that you can barely keep up. They’ve been dancing together for 15 years, and their skill shows every bit of those years. Derek nails it when he characterizes them as both “artistic” and “athletic,” and their score certainly reflects the impression they leave on the judges.

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Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions (Score: 83.7)

If Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson had a white baby boy, it would be this kid, Ian. Frankly, Ian, who choreographs all the dances, would probably be just fine on his own. He’s charismatic and handsome, and his moves are on point. But he’s got a handful of backup dancers weighing him down, and the judges notice it. All three suggest that they up their game for the next round, although they give them some pretty high scores that don’t really match their advice. They group gets pushed through to the next round with the promise that they will be more exciting and push themselves more. 

DNA (Score: 86)

This married couple is working super hard to get their ballroom routine down, and Ne-Yo totally notices how much effort they have to exert to pull it off. That’s a bad thing, by the way. Who knew? This sweet couple has been dancing together since they were 11 years old, and they are newlyweds trying to win themselves a million-dollar nest egg. The judges think they have potential, but their lack of control (and a tiny, almost imperceptible misstep) works against them.

Eva Igo (Score: 88)

The judges rave about this young lady. Derek calls her “extraordinary,” and Ne-Yo says her lines make her “look three feet taller.” Her contemporary jazz choreography is strange and sharp, and her angular control puts her head and shoulders above the rest of the dancers in the competition. She may be soft-spoken and sweet-faced, but she’s a force to be reckoned with when she hits the dance floor. My money is on Eva.

Who do you think are the standouts from week three? Do you have any favorites yet? (I just revealed mine.) Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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