Big Brother 19 is fast approaching and while CBS hasn’t revealed much about what fans can expect, some scheduling decisions help to reveal that this season may be shorter than the past few years.

We know that Big Brother 19 begins on Wednesday, June 28 (which usually means the HGs will move in to the house about a week before). This is the latest start-date for Big Brother since season 14.

CBS also revealed its Fall premiere schedule, showing that Survivor season 35 will begin Wednesday, September 27 at 8/7c, followed by the premieres of SEAL Team and Criminal Minds. In recent years the Survivor premiere typically airs on the same night as the Big Brother finale, so this is a big change.

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While not official, Survivor‘s premiere heavily suggests that Big Brother 19‘s finale will probably air on Wednesday, September 20. If that’s the case, then the upcoming season will run for about 90 days.

That’s one week shorter than the past three seasons, which ran for 97, 98 and 99 days. This 12-week format, as opposed to the recent 13-week format, makes it similar in length to season 15.

Depending on how many houseguests are on Big Brother 19 and whether they do something similar to last year where someone gets evicted in the first two episodes, it could tell us what to expect in terms of evicted HGs coming back or the number of double evictions.

You can use the following math equation to determine what twists will be coming.

-If someone gets evicted in the two-night premiere (like Glenn Garcia last year), that counts as -1

-For every double eviction, that counts as -1

-For every returning player (like Victor Arroyo battling back last year), that counts as +1

-If there are more or less than 16 HGs, add or subtract that number (for instance, 17 HGs would be +1)

For a 90-day, 12-week season, the total of all of those twists must equal -1. So if there’s a premiere eviction and one double eviction, there will also be one returning player. If no one goes home in the premiere and there’s one returning player, there must be two double evictions.

Whatever twists come up, it seems that, after the three longest seasons in the show’s history, Big Brother 19 will be trimmed down by one week. Of course that’s still two weeks longer than most of the earlier, pre-Big Brother 15 seasons.

Big Brother 19 premieres Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS.

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