After Thursday’s eviction, there will only be 11 HGs left on Big Brother 19. Presumably that’s when the jury begins, as nine of them will cast votes to decide who from the Final 2 will win the game. Making it to the jury is a big deal for a lot of the HGs and allegedly that’s when they will start playing a more aggressive, proactive game to try to win. But one of them has already started.

Now that Paul has officially made it to the jury, he’s making some preemptive moves to ensure that he doesn’t become the massive target that he obviously should be. Paul has had conversations with Elena, Kevin and Josh, giving them all the same speech that he’s destined to give everyone else.

Paul’s pitch is basically telling people that he can’t win the game because he’s a returning player and the newbies in the jury will never vote for him to win. He adds that he’s only playing so aggressively to please his fans.

Paul has admitted to the cameras that he knows this is a lie. He can win and he actually believes he will win. He’s just worried that people will target him now, so he’s trying to make sure that the HGs will feel comfortable taking him to the end, even making a Final 2 deal with Kevin.

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If the other HGs are smart, they should see through this lie. Last year, when Paul was the newbie sitting next to a vet, the jury had seven other newbies, most of whom voted for Nicole to win. In season 13 and Big Brother Canada 5, the returning player also beat the newbie in the Final 2. In season 14 and Over the Top, a returning player lost to a newbie in the finale, but both had extenuating circumstances. For season 14, there was a bitter jury and the vet was a previous winner in Dan Gheesling while, on OTT, the jury was America, not the other HGs (who definitely would’ve voted for Jason Roy).

What makes Paul even more dangerous is that, if he gets far enough, he can just win competitions to get to the end without relying on lies and strategy. Last year Paul won the Final 4 HoH, the Final 4 PoV as well as Parts 1 and 3 of the Final HoH, meaning he literally won the last four competitions in a row that he played in.

This year his odds of doing that are even greater since he spoke to Kevin about wanting to take Christmas to the end. Due to her foot injury, it’s very likely that, if Christmas is in the Final 3, she won’t be able to play in any part of the last HoH, guaranteeing that the other two HGs would automatically face off in Part 3. Looking back at the history of the game, there hasn’t been any version of Part 1 or Part 2 of the Final HoH that someone in Christmas’ condition would’ve been able to play.

Will Paul’s new strategy work in convincing these people not to target him because he can’t win? Will it backfire and become a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading to a hilarious finale where Paul actually can’t win and comes in second place again? Or will the others finally start to wake up and realize that Paul is a competition beast who is controlling the game and, therefore, is the biggest threat to win and must be evicted soon?

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