When one bad guy exits The Bachelorette another one must rise, or fall, to take his place. After DeMario’s disgraceful exit from the series, the man who appears to be set up as his villainous replacement is already making waves. Fans are finding past tweets from Bachelorette contestant Lee Garrett and they are pretty alarming.

Rachel’s Dog Was the Best Part of The Bachelorette>>> From what people have gathered, Lee has a history of posting controversial and rather racist things on social media. One of the big whistleblowers has been author Dana Schwartz and she has collected some of Lee’s most outrageous sentiments into a tweet of her own. Lee allegedly compared the Black Lives Matter movement to that of the KKK and urged people to sign a petition that would qualify Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, he reportedly “jokingly” asked his followers if they have ever seen a pretty feminist. This is something, according to Lee’s tweets, that does not exist. This is just a few of the questionable things found on Lee’s account. The Root has an even larger collection of screenshots where his rants go beyond just racial and sexist lines. 

According to these screenshots he calls Hillary Clinton this generation’s O.J. Simpson. He wrote that he doesn’t hate Muslims but he does hate Islam, which seems contradictory at best, and he put the phrase “gay community” in quotes as if it is not a real thing. Lee has a huge problem with Democrats as well. Lee wrote that the terrorist who shot up the Orlando nightclub Pulse was a Muslim and a Democrat, as if that explained all his horrific actions. So I guess he’s hoping that Rachel’s politics don’t swing to the left. 

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The screenshots are the only way to prove that these tweets occurred. Lee’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are protected so only approved followers can view his posts. Of course by the time a follower is approved Lee can always delete the tweets, which makes it even harder to verify if these tweets came from himself or it is a just a (very convincing) hoax. In his Twitter bio, which available for all to see, he does describe himself as “pleasantly offensive.” 

Do you think these tweets really came from Lee? Are you surprised by these alleged posts? If they’re true, why do you think The Bachelorette would cast him?

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