Every coach on every season of The Voice wants to have the winning singer on their team. It is silly, really, because being the winning coach on the season means next to nothing. The only real benefit is bragging rights, with the possibility of having heightened publicity immediately following the winner’s crowning. 

There is nothing really riding on the coaches but that doesn’t mean that each coach doesn’t fight hard to win and want the title bad. No coach on season 10 of The Voice wants to win more than Christina Aguilera. She is the only coach on the current panel to have zero wins and this might be the season that finally changes.

Team Christina Has the Talent

The obvious advantage that Christina has in season 10 is a very strong team. It is so hard to tell who the front-runners of the season will be from just the Blinds and the Battle Rounds because singers can improve so much on the show. Initially though, Christina has the best team out of any of the other coaches. 

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Pharrell, Adam and Blake have one or two really talented singers that could make it to the end right now. Christina has four. This might not sound like a whole lot but considering the fact The Voice often narrows things down to three to four artists per coach for the live shows, it could mean everything. 


The Battle Rounds might have just started but Christina, overall, has had the best sounding and closest battles of any coach. Bryan’s battle against Malik and Tamar’s face-off against Shalyah have been two of the best battles of the season. Those two duels will likely remain at the top of the heap. Christina also landed Maya Smith who was one of the most talented artists on Pharrell’s team through a steal. Christina might not have that many stand-outs besides those three. It is pretty much just Alisan Porter left but it doesn’t matter. Christina is going to have get rid of some of her artists just like any other coach.

Christina is Making Wiser Decisions

Christina’s fatal flaw in all previous seasons of The Voice has been an inability to pick the right artists at the right time. You can say what you want about Blake Shelton but he almost always makes the right call when it comes to picking which of his artists need to stay and which need to go. The classic Christina plunder was keeping pretty boy Dez Duron on her team in season 3 over several better singers. Dez, no matter how easy on the eyes he was, had no actual chance of winning. He just wasn’t that good.

In season 10 Christina has been a lot smarter with her decisions on who she presses her button for. Christina might have the most stolen artists of any coach with two of her former teammates going to other coaches, but she has kept the best ones on her team. The only mistake that Christina has made was keeping Kata Hay over Chelsea Gann in the Battles. Chelsea is the better singer of the two but it wasn’t some ridiculous discrepancy. It is certainly a smaller blunder than Adam Levine using one of his precious steals on the generic Jessica Crosbie. 

With Age Comes Coaching Talents

A lot of the factor in determining the winner of The Voice has to do with chance. It sometimes is just a matter of getting the right singer. There is very little Adam did to improve Jordan Smith in season 9 of The Voice. Jordan was probably going to win, with or without Adam’s influence. The same goes for some other winners like Cassadee Pope. Sometimes the winner comes to The Voice a star and it was just a matter of the coaches keeping onto them for the live shows. 


Coaching on The Voice can turn good singers into great ones though and Christina seems to be learning from some of her mistakes from previous seasons. She still grabs the mic whenever she can to show off her own voice but she is less self-centered than in previous seasons. Christina Aguilera is always going to be a diva but she has curbed some of her more extreme impulses in season 10. She is a lot more tuned into the voices, strengths and weakness of her artists than ever before. Granted Christina still is probably the weakest coach of the panel, but that is less an indictment of her and more just praise of how good the other coaches are, especially Pharrell. 

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But what do you think? Is season 10 finally the year that a female coach wins The Voice

The Voice season 10 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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