In the past few episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, new housewives Erika and Kathryn have been butting heads. But hopefully the combination of Kathryn’s apology and a change of scenery to New York City will get all of the ladies off to a fresh start. Let’s see what happens in this episode, “Hearing is Believing.”

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Road to Recovery

Yolanda’s getting her speech ready for her acceptance of the award she’s getting from the Global Lyme Alliance in New York City. She’s nervous because speech writing and speeches in general don’t come to her as easy as it used to.

Kathryn is at the audiologist dealing with health issues of her own. After dealing with a complete loss of hearing in her right ear for the last 18 years, she’s finally being fit for a device that will help her hear. She gets emotional because it’s a real game changer for her to be able to hear again. She also realizes that she may have come off more aggressively at Erika’s because she was shouting due to the hearing loss, though I’m pretty sure that was just her awful personality.

The fabulous Camille Grammer is having a charity event to help the foundation for women’s cancer after she suffered with her own battle of endometrial cancer. She’s selling diamonds, which has Kyle going gaga and Mauricio begrudgingly taking out his wallet.

Although Yolanda shows up with a great new short haircut, Lisa Rinna still feels uncomfortable around her. Yolanda senses her vibes and asks her about it. She says she’s having trust issues with Yolanda ever since she posted the photo of her, Brandi and Kim, and then ditched Erika’s dinner party on the same night.

Yolanda tells her she’s one to have trust issues, since Lisa is really the one who betrayed Yolanda’s trust in the first place. She also says that if Erika’s okay with her missing the party, it’s between her and Erika, and it’s none of Lisa’s business. She also doesn’t owe her any explanations as to who she hangs out with. She says Brandi and Kim have been better friends to her throughout her illness than the rest of the ladies put together. In her confessional, Yolanda says that something tells her Lisa Rinna is not a true friend to her. That’s probably the correct instinct.

March for Justice

The next day, Kathryn meets Lisa at Villa Rosa to organize Lisa Vanderpump’s charity event to help tortured dogs in China. It’s a cause very close to Lisa and Ken’s hearts. The two seem to be getting along quite well, if only because Kathryn is trying really hard to be Lisa’s friend and Lisa’s enjoying the ass-kissing.

All of the ladies except Yolanda and Erika go to dinner later on. Erika’s not feeling well, so she’s not there, and none of the ladies even ask to see her medical records, so that’s a step up, I suppose.

But Eileen tries to address Lisa Vanderpump’s manipulative nature once again, and somehow everything gets turned around to Lisa Rinna. Eileen says Vanderpump could teach a master class in misdirection and deflecting. And Lisa Rinna doesn’t even really grasp what’s going on when Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump say that this is a case of Lisa Rinna being a follower and not Lisa Vanderpump being manipulative. Anyway, it’s all very petty and hard to keep track of, but it’s basically the same old argument being re-hashed for the 100th time.

A little rain isn’t going to stop Lisa Vanderpump’s Chinese doggie rights march. Lisa Rinna and Harry show up to lend their support along with Kathryn and Kyle. They end up marching to the wrong place. Figures. But eventually they end up in front of the consulate they were meant to be at, which I guess is all that matters.

Later on, David and Yolanda get on Tom and Erika’s private jet to head to the Lyme Disease awareness function in New York. Kyle and Kathryn are there too, and Kathryn is kind enough to offer Tom a hug and an apology. At least she’s adult enough for that.

The ladies talk about their upcoming trip to Dubai. Although Yolanda would love to go, she can’t imagine being that far away from home and unwell.

Eileen and Lisa meet to shop for luggage in Beverly Hills. They discuss how things went down at dinner the other night and Eileen points out to Lisa Rinna that she got Vanderpump’d once again. Lisa Rinna admits that she’s intimidated by both Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda. She realizes now that she’s been Lisa Vanderpump’s scapegoat and she doesn’t really know what she needs to do to prevent it from continuing to happen.

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New York, Old Problems

All of Yolanda’s people gather in a beautiful diamond suite in a gorgeous hotel in New York. She has everyone come to the roof, where they can all enjoy both the view and the company.

Yolanda makes a toast to her friends and to the people who have supported her on her journey. She says in her confessional that Erika especially has surprised her at being such a quality friend and person.

David makes a toast too, to his wife finally being out and about, and out of her “sick robe.” But he doesn’t sound as happy when he’s caught on camera expressing doubts about his marriage to a friend when he seemingly didn’t know he was being filmed. He says he doesn’t know if things will ever be back to the way they were at the beginning. Spoken like a true man who has been married and divorced four times. Things weren’t going exactly as he planned or exactly how he would have liked, so he cut and run.

Yolanda doesn’t seem unaware of David’s unhappiness. She says in her confessional that they’ve been through ups and downs in their relationship and that he’s impatient about having lost his partner in crime. She says they’re working on things where they can, but at this point, it’s out of her control.

Next time, the ladies head to Dubai!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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