After her villainous acts on both The Flash and Arrow, Black Siren, Earth-2’s Laurel Lance, has definitely made waves within the superhero community. She tricked Team Arrow into believing she was their Laurel, the Black Canary, revived from the dead by her sister and the Waverider. She fought against Team Flash when Zoom attempted to take over and destroy Central City, as she was his second in command. Now, seeing as it was recently revealed that Katie Cassidy would be guest starring in the Legends of Tomorrow season 2 finale and it was recently announced that she’d return as a series regular on Arrow, we’re thinking Black Siren would’ve been a better addition to the Legends.

Katie Cassidy’s Appearance

In the tweet below, Legends of Tomorrow executive producer and Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim revealed that Laurel Lance would be appearing on the season 2 finale of Legends.

It’s probable that the Laurel on Legends will be the past version of the Laurel we already know and grieved. Black Siren will be appearing in the final two episodes of Arrow season 5, and it’s really just a question of which show is better suited to her abilities. There’s a better chance for focus and redemption on LoT, as Arrow has continuously proven they lack the ability to give proper screen time to Laurel Lance.

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It isn’t specified which incarnation of Laurel will be appearing, but if we can’t get our Black Canary back (as they’ve been adamant that she be the one death that sticks in the Arrowverse), then maybe Earth-2’s Laurel can be a consolation prize of sorts.

Why We Need Black Siren as a Legend

Besides the fact that this show just needs a larger female presence in general, Black Siren would be an interesting mix to the group. She could be another anti-hero; without Snart, Rory is the only one on the team with a villainous backstory and Rory is kind of boring without his partner-in-crime.

The villains causing trouble while saving the day could add some extra comedic relief to the team, and add a few more layers than just a bunch of heroes fighting for what is right. Black Siren went a little into her backstory in her Arrow debut; she lost the love of her life, her version of Oliver Queen, and when she turned into a meta-human, she started using her powers to take out her aggression and became this.

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She also needs some sort of redemption story, and Legends would be the perfect place for that. She’s no hero, but perhaps she can be something else: a Legend. She wouldn’t fit in on any of the other CW shows because she’s not always thinking about what is right. Her first and foremost thought is to look out for herself, and then to cause trouble, and being part of a team that struggles with that too would give her more time ease into it. Also, they’d hold her accountable for her actions.

The Best Story

The best story by far with Black Siren would be with Sara. It’s her sister, but it’s not her sister, either. Does Sara even exist on Earth-2? Seeing as Sara has fought so hard to bring her sister back this season, having someone that looks exactly like her sister but isn’t would bring interesting growth to her character. She’d have to separate the face from the person, and remember her sister for who she was, not for who this incarnation of her is.

Maybe they could form a bond; maybe Sara died on Earth-2 instead of surviving the Queen’s Gambit crash, and this Laurel never got a chance to say goodbye to her sister either. They aren’t the same people as they knew, but maybe they could fill the void left in each other from the departures of their loved ones. It would be interesting to watch, to say the least.

Laurel’s story on Arrow is finished. They ended her character. Bringing Earth-2 Laurel is just going to cause more problems and potentially harm the legacy of the character we all grew to love.

What do you think? Should Black Siren board the Waverider for good? Or is she better suited for Arrow? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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