While Arrow clearly identifies the worst villain of the episode — and the whole season — in “The Devil’s Greatest Trick,” finding the biggest hero may be a little more complicated. Brave acts, after all, abound as Cayden James’ plot comes to an end.


“The Devil’s Greatest Trick” is one of those episodes that reminds us just why the show is named after the Green Arrow. Oliver is quite busy throughout, saving the city, his friends, his son and even his enemies. Although most of this heroism is run-of-the-mill action for Oliver, we should recognize that this guy really is a hero.

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She may be evil, but you have got to admire the nobility of taking the blame for a murder she did not commit. Sure, Laurel took advantage of this to escape, but the courage remains.

Rene and Curtis

These guys at least try to talk Dinah down from her revenge. They are terrible at it, of course, but there is a feeble effort made to save their teammate from herself.

Lance and Thea

Everyone else on Arrow is busy uncovering plots and taking down the bad guys, so someone needs to work on saving lives. That task falls to Lance and Thea in the mayor’s office. Bureaucracy is important!

Lance also faces down not one, but two, women with supersonic death screams and excellent fighting skills. That said, the episode ends with Laurel handcuffed in the back of Lance’s car, so his actions might be desperation rather than courage.

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When William follows Oliver to the big showdown, you might call that courage. You might also call it extreme foolishness. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

Barry Allen

Presumably, that is the Flash who gets Oliver and Diggle to where they can ambush Cayden James. It must be nice to have a meta-human on speed dial.

Felicity and Alena

The key to everything with Cayden James is that Oliver did not actually kill his son. Thanks to the hacker ladies of Arrow, the team gets the proof before all of Star City gets destroyed.

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