Even in an episode full of betrayals and soap opera-style romance, Arrow has its heroes. Which character was the biggest hero of all in “Irreconcilable Differences”?


Mr. Terrific does not exactly live up to his name at the wedding, but the recently divorced guy has good reason for that. Plus, the misery resulted in an awesome toast. Curtis later seems to be dealing well with the suspicion on the team, before he bails abruptly.

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Despite technically being the traitor to the team, Rene has a lot of claim to being the biggest hero around. He saves the day during the wedding speeches and then spills some water at a key moment while the team infiltrates ARGUS. Even Rene’s reason for betrayal — getting his daughter back — is understandable.

Rene does abandon his post during the rescue of Lance, but that is just what Wild Dog does. It is probably important to note that Rene is the only newbie who does not quit later. He gets kicked out instead.


Dinah is the only team member to stick with Oliver during the raid to save Lance. However, she has the least cause to be dismayed by Oliver’s surveillance — she has been betraying everyone with Vigilante for weeks now — while simultaneously being the most offended by what happened.

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Not only does the blushing bride infiltrate a paramilitary organization while hiding in a garbage can, but she also braves her parents at the wedding reception. Past experience with the Smoaks proves that this should never be taken lightly.

Evil Laurel

Based on what we have seen of alt-Laurels in previous episodes, the Dark Siren is not one to share her inner pain. But that is exactly what Laurel does when faced with her kind-of daddy. Laurel later chooses to let Lance go, instead of killing him as ordered by Cayden James.

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Biggest Hero?

With so much betrayal, this becomes a tough call. Rene has the bravest moments of the episode, as well as the lowest points. Laurel comes out looking best in some ways, but she is also the villain. It may not be possible to pick the bigger hero in such a complex situation.

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