Big Brother 19 is in its final week and while the race for half a million dollars is on, there’s another competition for the fans. Voting is now open for America’s Favorite Player, with the winner receiving $25,000.

This is the fans’ opportunity to choose who they liked the best. The previous winners include Victor, James, Donny, Elissa, Frank, Big Jeff (twice), Britney, Keesha, Crazy James and Janelle. So who will take it this year?

Based on preliminary polling from various Big Brother websites, the field seems narrowed down to three primary contenders: Kevin, Jason and Cody. That’s not terribly surprising since, in the last six seasons, Rachel’s sister Elissa is the only female to win the award.

It definitely seems like Cody is a potential frontrunner, which I fully endorse. Yes, he said some controversial things and he made some big mistakes, but for many of us he was the voice of the fans. He recognized that Paul was the biggest threat and tried to take him out in week 1. He refused to play along with Paul or production, not reacting to anything or playing up to the cameras. As he would say, this was a house full of betas and he was the only true alpha. On Big Brother 19, not being a sheep or a minion is actually an impressive accomplishment.

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The case for Jason is also strong. It’s hard not to root for someone who just found out he’s having another baby and the $25,000 could be considered hazard pay for having to deal with Alex constantly punching him and shooting down his ideas about the game, which were proven right.

Then there’s Kevin, who proved to be wildly entertaining in the early weeks of the game, but who has become largely invisible in the second half, blindly throwing competitions because Paul told him to do it. He had a lot of promise, but he never fully lived up to what could have been. Plus, he already won $25,000 on the first night, resulting in Paul entering the game, Cameron being robbed and Ramses getting framed.

Those are probably the only three HGs with a real chance at winning America’s Favorite Player. The polls seems to suggest that Alex, Paul and Josh would be next on the list, followed by the trio of Jessica, Christmas and Mark. And if you really want to root for the underdog, Cameron is the dark horse with a small but vocal group of supporters.

Find out who wins America’s Favorite Player on the Big Brother 19 finale, Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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