The shocking bombshell at the end of last night’s episode of Supernatural with Sam being Lucifer’s perfect vessel certainly took the wind out of my sails.  It’s been a hard enough life for Sam, and now he has to do with the fact that his entire life has been centered around the notion of him becoming the devil?

But important than Sam’s bad luck was another question I had: who is God’s perfect vessel?  In both of last night’s storylines, we saw that angels have one vessel that works best for them, so it’s only logical to assume God, if He isn’t dead, would have one too.  As I see it, there are five distinct possibilities.

Dean is God
While many fans may agree with that statement, I don’t.  Dean is already Michael’s vessel, and it would make no sense if Heaven would allow a single body to be the vessel for two of its most important VIPs.

Sam is God
From a storytelling perspective, this is probably the way I’d love Supernatural to go.  If Sam is the vessel for both God and Lucifer, the opportunity for classic struggles and moral questions is infinite.

Bobby is God
Back when we asked users who they thought should play God, Bobby was the clear winner, as fans love Jim Beaver’s character and want him to be involved more.  He’s already been in each of the first three episodes, so at least t start, Bobby is playing a more important role on Supernatural than he normally does, and this would be a great way to keep him around as a major player.

Someone Else is God
Quite frankly, I’d find this rather disappointing right now.  Michael has Dean, Lucifer has Sam, so it would only make sense that God’s vessel would also be connected to the Winchester family in some way, since they are obviously the most important family ever.

God is Dead
I’m fascinated by the Nietzschean implications of this if it was true, but I doubt it.  First, I’m pretty sure the show would never recover from the onslaught of hate mail from religious fanatics if they actually killed God.  P. Diddy alone would flood the Twitterverse with anti-Supernatural rhetoric.

But the biggest reason this isn’t true is because of Cas and Dean’s conversation.  No, not the one about whores, their final discussion about the basic premise of daddy issues.  Throughout the entire series, Sam and Dean have dealt with their own abandonment issues regarding their father, and now the angels are doing the same thing.

But like John Winchester, it’s hard to keep God down, so I’m sure he’s out there somewhere.  If it weren’t for the fact that John is dead, I’d want God to take over his body, but practically, that’s probably not an option.  

So who do you think is God’s vessel?  And will Sam actually let Lucifer take over his body as Lucifer said he would?

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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